My humble thank you to the #1000Speak bloggers

Right now, in this moment, I am having a hard time finding the right words to express how I am feeling. If you follow my blog, FacebookPinterest, or Twitter pages, you’ve undoubtedly noticed my focus has been concentrated on #1000Speak.

1000 Voices Speak For Compassion.


Lizzi, who wrote the beautiful blog post that ultimately gave birth to the #1000Speak movement, sent me a Pinterest pin which led me to the still rather new Facebook page for 1000 Voices. I knew right away it was going to be something special, I just had a feeling, a really good feeling. I’m not much of a joiner. At all. For me to willingly become a part of something that includes other people is kind of huge.

At least it used to be. I decided to add my voice as well.


Even though I kind of knew it was going to be something good, maybe even something great, I had no plans on sticking around for long. I’ve been there, done that and wished I hadn’t. The whole group-social-interacting with others thing is a little difficult for me. I don’t always seem to fit in when in a large grouping of people so I’m always leery about putting myself out there.

Because of this, I worked it all out ahead of time in my mind. I was going to see what it was about, maybe add a post and then slip out the back door. As it turns out, once I stepped my virtual foot into the world of #1000Speak created by Yvonne Spence and Lizzi Rogers (click on their names and find a blessing), I forgot all about the escape plan I’d prepared. Once I looked around, the thought of turning tail and heading back the way I came was nothing more than a distant memory.

I found myself surrounded by blessing after blessing. Like minded hearts on fire for compassion . . . something I wasn’t sure still existed in any meaningful and measurable way. Not only did it exist, it was alive.

And now . . . this is where my words are failing me . . . I am grateful and humbled and blessed and there just aren’t enough words to properly and completely convey the emotions I wish to lay out before me on the page for you to see.

I wish I could thank each and every one of you amazing, beautiful people in some way – everyone whose voices I’ve heard singing since I was welcomed into this village of compassion.

I’ll likely be reading posts for a month and shedding many tears and smiling many smiles as I do.

Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, but it is all I have to offer. You’ve become a part of my heart I will cherish always. You’ve all reminded me that there is good left in this world . . .

Thank you.

Crystal R. Cook


 Click here to read the amazing #1000Speak posts – I guarantee you will be blessed

38 thoughts on “My humble thank you to the #1000Speak bloggers

  1. Crystal,
    I hope your experience of 1000 Speak has renewed your faith in the goodness of people and stepping out and being part of something big and being valued, respected and accepted. I have entered an amazing village here which defies so much of the ugliness you see in this world and it is wonderful and we don’t have to leave. I am just wondering how to manage it all with with my usual personal style as my world gets bigger and I am also wanting to read all 1000 posts and have made it through about 60-70 so far.
    xx Rowena

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    • I found the village just when I needed to 🙂 I’ve lost count how many I’ve read, I do know I’ve barely made a dent in them!

      One of the things i am seeing, and it amazes me, is that every single one of us in this undertaking has a style that differs in some small ways, some huge, from the rest, and yet they all melded together with relative ease.

      I think we just bring what we have to the proverbial table and if someone wants to sit down and sample what we have to offer that’s great, if they like it and come back for more, even greater! {{{hugs}}}

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      • Hi Crystal,
        It is 8 am here here and I pop on briefly every morning while I have a cup of tea in the midst of the morning chaos. I’m about to gt back to it again.
        I agree with what you say…some common threads yet different. I have definitely had my world expanded exponentially!!
        When it comes to getting through all those blogs, I was reminded of a good bit of wisdom this morning:
        How do you eat an elephant?
        One bite at a time!
        Have a great day!
        xx Rowena


  2. Lovely post… And thank You for all your images! I’ve been stealing (and attributing lol) them all over the place, they just captured everything that was going on and added another delightful dimension to the whirlwind 🙂

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  3. Let me add another “Me, too!” – I also have been a little tainted when it comes to the hoopla ha of great ideas. More often than not, they just slide right on by with nothing more than the initial excitement. This has been one of the most rewarding online events I’ve ever been a part of! Who knew that participating would change the participants? Thank you for being the first to admit it “outloud” so we could chime in. ❤

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  4. Thank you, too! I am so glad you stuck around! I am not a joiner either, really. I did not expect to be as active as I have. I figured I’d give it an announcement in a post, then write on for Feb. 20 and that would be that.

    This has gone extremely well, and I am happy we have both been a part of it.

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  5. I am the same way. I am usually wary of joining things. I don’t like things that are too preachy. If I sense anything fake about something I shy away. I felt none of that here over the past month. I just needed to be a part of it. I let my heart lead me.
    I am also used to pettiness sneaking in. I had a few bad experiences recently and was afraid to become too overly invested.
    It is easier to get that way online, in a way, but if there has been anything like that here I haven’t seen it.
    I realize it could be because this whole thing was built on compassion and the need for it, but still people’s personalities can sometimes clash. I am glad it’s remained all about sharing compassion and hope.

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    • Kerry, I am so pleased to read your comment and that you haven’t seen pettiness or preachiness. I feel the same way you describe about fakeness and definitely wouldnt’ want that! So many of the posts I’ve read are deeply honest and that makes them so much more beautiful in my eyes.

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  6. This is utterly, utterly gorgeous, Crystal, and so is your shinybright heart and your golden soul. I’m so, so glad you joined in. You joined in and became integral and I’ve loved seeing your perspective of your experience as time has gone along.

    You’re a keeper 🙂

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  7. Same here, Crystal! It’s been amazing – the participation outstanding/tireless. Everyone! Lizzi & Yvonne – they’re incredible! To throw a group of this size together – to do all they did in such a short time. So much excitement … yet so much great organization and cooperation from everyone! Thank YOU for all you did – which was A LOT! The posts are INCREDIBLE! I’m moved and encouraged and inspired by every single one I’ve read – and will continuing to read for a while. 🙂 Love this post and your thoughts here! Thank you!

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  8. It has been an amazing month — thank you for all you’ve done to help it! Because of my life this month I feel like I’ve barely been able to glaze over the surface of things, and look forward to much more reading, commenting (and likely more writing) with this amazing group.

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