Do you want to hear about autism from someone who REALLY gets it?

imageI’m thinking about starting an interactive series, two actually, here on The Qwiet Muse – I’d love to hear some feedback about the idea.

If you know me, or have read my About Me page, you know I have two amazing children with Autism, one is Bipolar as well. They are both intelligent, articulate, and more self-aware than most people I’ve come in contact with. They astound and amaze me with their insights and their desire to better help the world around them understand the developmental and mental issues they, and so many others, face on a day-to-day basis.

I truly believe in order to even begin to understand autism or bipolar, you have to learn from the very people who understand it best – the ones who live with it.

What I would like to do is invite people to ask any questions they might have, here, or through The Qwiet Muse on Facebook or Twitter, and have them answer each question personally on videos that will post on Mondays – Matthew Mondays, and on Wednesdays – Wilson Wednesdays.

Matthew can address his experiences, advice, and answer questions regarding Autism and Bipolar, and Wilson will do the same about Autism. Both boys have lived and dealt with anxiety, OCD, depression, sensory issues, Tourette’s, medications, school, social issues, and more.

You don’t have to have a loved one with Autism or any of the other issues we might cover, it’s important for everyone to develop a deeper understanding and awareness, caregivers, teachers, neighbors, and anyone who wishes to eradicate the ignorance, misinformation and misunderstandings that are so abundant when it comes to these things.

I’ve been on this journey for almost 26 years now, maybe I’ll even join in . . .

Please leave me a reply and let me know what you think or go ahead and leave a question or two to get us started.
Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Do you want to hear about autism from someone who REALLY gets it?

  1. What a great idea! I know this is predominantly about autism but I noticed you mentioned Tourette’s also. My eldest daughter has been struggling to deal with Tourette’s for the last couple of years. Do you have any tips to help her manage it herself? What can I do as a mum to help? I have regular chats with school and they’re great – very supportive, I talk to her about it and we do massage and relaxation each night before bedtime. Is there anything else I can do?

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    • We’ll talk about it on our first video 🙂 Wilson can share his experience and advice and I’ll give my perspective from the mom side . . . not sure if I’ll make a video appearance or just write yet . .. Thank you for getting us started!


  2. My son is likely on the spectrum although his dev ped hesitates to diagnose him as he is very socially motivated. And I agree that we need to learn. Maybe you’d like to write an Our Land post for my series about acceptance?

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    • One of my boys is highly social, the other barely at all until he gets to know someone. It’s so common for kids to miss out on a dx because of the social aspect, especially when they begin to get older and their social interactions aren’t exactly age appropriate. My 23 year old still asks everyone he meets if they’d like to have a sword fight 🙂 His dx was delayed several years because the docs saw his outgoing personality and thought it didn’t fit an autism diagnosis – it took a lot of advocating on my part to get the proper dx. I would love to write a piece for your series! Every chance I get to spread the message of acceptance is a gift 🙂


        • One of my boys is, and always has been, extremely social, he was diagnosed much later than my oldest because of it. It’s not uncommon for kids on the spectrum to be social, it’s unfortunate many miss an early dx because of it. While my son was social, his interactions weren’t always appropriate, he mimicked the way the other kids interacted well, but as time passed, it was obvious he was not on the same level as they were. For instance, he still asks everyone to play swords with him, he focuses on his interests to the exclusion of what they might want to talk about. There is so much more to it . . .


  3. Crystal, what a fantastic idea! You are just so right about this. Your amazing boys and YOU can surely open lots of dialogue around something that perhaps many need to understand more deeply. I will share, so maybe others who have questions can participate. THANK YOU to your family for taking these bold steps in uncovering many ideas, answers, issues, experiences and much more regarding autism/mental health.

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    • Thank you so much . . . I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, my boys have been amazing advocates and have so much wisdom to share – questions are already being sent to them, so I guess we’re moving forward with it! So far Matthew is a little hesitant to be on camera, he might be wearing a Batman mask when he does 🙂


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