Mornings are hard . . .


. . . and glorious and beautiful and – early. Truth be told, I love mornings, I just wish they came a little later in the day.

I love the air in the mornings, it’s different somehow, don’t you think? It seems fresher and crisper. Mornings sound different, they even smell different.

Morning Glory, it must be grand . . .

imageWhen the sun rises, the birds outside my window start to sing a sweet morning song to welcome each new day (every frickin day) as it begins, sometimes I want to shoot them. Shoo, them. I meant shoo them, like away. What kind of monster do you think I am? (a grouchy, tired one) Well yes, generally speaking, I kind of am. Just in the mornings, mind you. OK, sometimes during the afternoon as well. And maybe the evening, a little and only sometimes. Depends on how loud and long those birds serenaded the morning.

I’ve never been an early riser, it doesn’t even matter how much or how little sleep I had the night before. The world just gets moving before I do. My poor mother, she had one hell of a time getting me up for school when I was a kid. Now I’m not saying she has any special powers, she’s not some supernatural spell-caster or anything like that, BUT, I am fairly certain she somehow saw to it that my own children would be difficult little beasts to rouse in the mornings just like I was.

Well played, Mom. Well  played indeed.


My husband, bless his well rested soul, he manages to wake before the sun without feeling the need to choke people. I admire that, I don’t understand it, but I admire it. The best part about his early morning weirdness is the coffee. That sweet man Morning cupmakes me coffee every morning and sets it on my nightstand for me. I used to think it was because he loved me, now I know it’s more of a self-defense kind of thing, an offering to appease and soften me up before I stumble out of bed.

Most mornings it helps, but there are days, like today, when one cup just isn’t enough. Alright, it’s everyday. One is never enough. I’m on my own for that second cup though, it’s tough. It really is.

9 thoughts on “Mornings are hard . . .

  1. I’m a night owl. I once read though that technically whether you are a morning person depends on whether you wake up instantly alert and able to immediately get on with things. By that definition, I am a morning person, but I don’t like mornings. I like to stay up late, not get up early.


    • Instant, alert, morning . . . I do not understand these things and how they work together 😜 It would be wonderful, maybe in a few years, my mom became a morning person in her fifties, so we’ll see! I hope you enjoy your every morning 💕


  2. I am the morning person. I love to get up around 5am (or thereabouts) when the world is quiet…especially my house. I make the coffee and even bring a cup to my husband as a bribe to stay in bed so that I can write in peace for a couple of hours.


    • I wish I could be one, I love that quiet, morning peace (when the birds don’t sound like they are having a turf war outside my window!) I’m a little jealous of the time to write . . . maybe someday I’ll be able to rise and shine 😉


  3. Oh my goodness. One of my daughters is just like this. Waking her in the morning takes so long!

    I’m not hard to wake but I DO walk straight from my bed to the coffee pot in the morning 🙂

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    • I am so lucky my husband brings me that first cup, I’m a little jealous you can wake up and get there on your own 😊 I’d like to say your daughter will get better at mornings, but it’s doubtful, I’ve been trying to wake up for almost 47 years❣


  4. I used to have trouble getting up in the morning but as I’ve gotten older my inner morning person has been born. I usually awaken before the alarm at 5ish and am ready to start my day. I do however sip coffee in bed to ease into my morning. In the summertime I have to admit the birds do drive me batty when they start chirping at about 4 a.m., so I feel your pain! Keep chugging coffee, Crystal.

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    • I have noticed in the past couple of years I am waking earlier, not happy about it though 😊 Mostly because it hurts too much some mornings to stay there! It could be that we go to bed earlier and earlier these days, my kids tease us about being old!


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