Dinner – 100 word challenge & my reasons why

100 words. About dinner . . . 

img_0277They ask the same question every day, “Got any plans for dinner?” They already know the answer. “No.”

It’s not like I want my family to starve, I do feed them every now and again, but you see, I don’t like to cook. I don’t particularly care for eating to honest. If they would invent some supplement to completely take the place of preparing, chewing, ingesting, and digesting food I would buy it in bulk.

I’ve raised four kids and kept a husband fairly well fed, that’s about 27 years of care. Clocking out. Tendering my resignation. Done. Finis.




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I have my reasons . . .

—> My official resignation letter 

–> Don’t Forget The Cup

–> Again?

–> Coffee Does Not Equal Food

–> Shit on a Shingle

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