A Day of My Own To Do Whatever I want – OBP Challenge!

Untitled-drawing-31From Original Bunker Punks Welcome to the blog battle zone of the best writers fighting to be featured on the OBP. Our theme this week is to write a day in your life where there would be no boundaries and you could do anything you want. The winner of this competition will be featured on OBP and other social media in our writers spotlight  where your blog will be showcased each week to bring more traffic to your wonderful words. The post needs to be between 800-1,200 so get creative and linkup on Thurs. Sept. 10 th to Fri. Sept. 11 th from 9 am to 9 pm. I look forward to reading you there let the games begin.”

You should probably join in the fun. You should, because it’s fun.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, like BIG, as in I can do anything I want. Seriously, like whatever my heart desires, without boundary, without limit . . . it’s going to be fantastic. I should thank the badasses over at Original Bunker Punks before I start planning my ME day, the whole ‘do whatever you want day’ was their idea. Dreams come true, folks. Dreams really do come true, in this case on the page, but still . . . Thank you Punks. Thank you.

Alright, first things first, I have to figure out what I’m going to wear. Obviously, my tiara, that kind of goes without saying. Why have one if you’re not going to wear it, right? I’m trying to decide between staying in my pajamas the whole day or going full on princess. So far, I’m leaning toward my pajamas, I have the most divinely comfortable pair of baggy pajama bottoms with freakishly adorable owls adorning them, paired with my favorite worn out skull t-shirt it’s a full on comfort fest. I’ll finish off the look with a messy bun and the tiara, and BOOM, style. Oh, and a tutu. Maybe.

Damn I’m excited. I’m a fairly simple gal, I don’t ask for much. Honestly, my desires are pretty down to earth for the most part. I don’t want to travel the world or have super powers, well, maybe a few superpowers, but really, who wouldn’t? So I don’t have any truly outrageous plans, tomorrow will be filled with simple things that make me happy, simple things that are surprisingly and frustratingly difficult to make happen.

So – the first thing I’m gonna do is sleep in till I simply can’t sleep anymore.  Now, I may actually need superpowers to make this part happen, but no phones are going to ring. No kids are going to knock on the door. No dogs are going to bark. There will be silence. Sweet, perfect, blessed silence and I’m going to wake up so freaking refreshed and well rested I’ll feel like I could take on the world. Then, I’m going to adorn my crazy bed-head with that sparkling tiara and sip a never-ending cup of perfectly sweetened coffee while I watch my kids silently do chores without complaint or hesitation. I’m going to read a book without interruption while they work. Awesome. (I might need those superpowers for that part as well.)

While they scrub floors I’ll get myself ready, (I’ve decided against the tutu – I think) The next part of my day will be spent at the bookstore. I’ll get to stay as long as I want. Long enough to really peruse the selection of beautiful words, printed and bound, just waiting for me on those shelves. No quick skimming the surface tomorrow. Nope. I’m going to surround myself with stacks of stories and possibility and lose myself inside of them, and THEN, I’m going to bring them home with me. Maybe ALL of them.

Once home, I’ll be so inspired I’ll sit down to write, and the words will flow freely and without abandon, my opus will breathe into life, line by easily written line, born into reality like a new babe the world cannot wait to hold. Then, of course, I’ll need a nap. I’ve quite obviously never written an opus-esque anything, but I imagine it’s quite tiring.

Upon waking, I’ll indulge myself with another coffee and perhaps some of the freshly baked cookies my children prepared and cleaned up the mess they made afterward, that are cooling in the kitchen while I decide which of my new books to peek inside of first. My heart and tummy filled, I’ll likely take another short nap before my husband arrives home from a long day of work to begin dinner preparations. He’ll be making me a fabulous Quiche. He really does make a fabulous Quiche. He won’t even say anything about the multitude of new books scattered about the house, he’ll simply ask where I’d like the new bookshelf he’ll be building after dinner to be placed.

Wait. There needs to be a picnic in here somewhere. You know, like the TV picnics, with the checkered blanket and one of those baskets that have simply everything possibly picnic related in them? Yeah. One of those. A nice family picnic. I think we can fit that in after the bookstore, before my opus, then books and cookies and another nap and dinner and new bookshelf. Perfect.

Now then, it will be getting late and the soothing sounds of Pachelbel and Bach will fill my home as the sun begins to dip below the horizon. Calm and peace will reign. The sunset will paint me a masterpiece of softly fading pastels upon my windows, and the glorious song of a night-bird will float into my room on a gentle breeze, ushering in the eve with a sweetly warbled lullaby to lead me into tranquil repose.

I’ll swiftly drift off to visit the land of nod with thoughts of my positively, perfect day dancing through my mind . . .


I’ll just stay in bed all day, I will be in my pajamas after all.

Crystal R. Cook

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