I think he’s out to get me – Silly rhyme time

There's a mouse in my house

There’s a mouse in my house
I just saw him run by
he’s freaking me out
I’m not gonna lie

He’s not a shy little critter
looked me straight in the eye
he’s sizing me up
and I want to know why

He didn’t seem scared
I think he’s looking to fight
the buggers just waiting
till the moment is right

He’s forming a plan
he’s waiting to strike
he’s gonna nibble my toes
while I’m sleeping tonight

I know what you’re thinking
and I’m not a big sissy
I’m telling you now
he looks kind of pissy

He’s got beady little eyes
and sharp little teeth
tiny little paws
with claws underneath

He’ll scratch at the walls
he’ll poop in my shoes
my man won’t be happy
when I give him the news

He’ll set out a trap
he doesn’t like mice
I hate those darn things
they aren’t very nice

But I don’t want to live
with that thing in my house
Oh, stop looking at me
you damn little mouse

Crystal R. Cook

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