Woe is me.

imageI have a headache. It sucks. It bites. It’s not cool. It’s just not right. It’s lame. It’s a bummer. It’s a downer. It’s for the birds. It’s the pits. It’s whacked. It’s pathetic. It’s not even funny. It’s super crappy. It’s not fair.

Maybe it isn’t a headache, maybe it’s a tumor. Judging by the above I’d say it just may be. Maybe I have finally lost too many brain cells or maybe I am actually going to have that nervous breakdown I’ve been threatening my husband with.

Nah, I don’t have time for a nervous breakdown. I don’t even have time for this headache. Sitting here at the computer reading and writing isn’t helping I’m sure, but neither will doing the laundry or going grocery shopping.

At least the house trolls are still asleep.

Well, that’s all. I didn’t really have anything to say. Just thought I’d moan and groan a little and see if anyone would feel sorry for me.

I’m off to raid the medicine cabinet for some Advil and find an ice pack.

5 thoughts on “Woe is me.

  1. I think the most true thing was the bit about not having time for a nervous breakdown :p I always tell my husband that I would have a breakdown but I just don’t have time for the nervous breakdown that I truly deserve 😉

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