Early Mother’s Day. I may have peed a little the first time I watched this


I hope your day is filled with smiles and hugs and lots of love

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I have posted this video around Mother’s Day for years, it is one of my absolute favorite videos of all time. I have seen it about 37 gazzilion times, and it never gets old. Happy early Mother’s Day!

58 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day. I may have peed a little the first time I watched this

  1. I did pee when I watched this. (I’m Old) I’m still laughing and a little “iffy”.

    I never was a mother but I was the oldest of four children born within five years and this is sooooooo nostalgic….to me not my mother where she still here….she kinda bailed for a few years after 4 births and left me with the onerous task of watching the others as close as she should have….this would have been our MDay post; had we had posts back then. Thank you for a walk down near memory lane. ~~dru~~


  2. I have two sons 53 and 51 now and believe me this is so typical so, so, so typical. And they love each other but can’t stand the sight of each other and complain about each other and brag about each other and ………….well, I could go on and on but each of you, who are mothers of sons who are close in age knows what I mean. This is hilarious!!! I can’t wait to share it with my “boys”!!!


  3. Oh Crystal!!! I am SO excited you had this go VIRAL!!! (No matter where people landed, it’s your BOYS!!!) And ohmygosh I laughed SO hard at it!! They are hilarious!!!! You are one lucky mama!!


    • You are so sweet . . . but these two aren’t mine, they act like this sometimes though ๐Ÿ™‚ My guys are working on a lip sync video though . . . maybe that one will be a hit!!


  4. Never seen it before ,it is so typical and very funny,made me smile .Hope you had a nice Mothers day Sandy, nice to hear from you Sylvia xx


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  7. Moderately funny … I’m not sure when it became “ok” for women to say they “Peed a little?” Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but it seems crass. Women used to be the fairer sex, but it seems like some women are trying to be one of the guys. You’re not. Stop it. Be a woman .


    • Oh get over it, “peed a little” is nothing. I am all woman, all the time, regardless of what turn of phrase I use at a particular moment. I am over people trying to pigeonhole others into THEIR idea of what they should be.


      • Do you know that song “. . . You gotta give a little, take a little . . .” Do it, Stella. Life might take on a new shade!


    • Actually, peeing a little is a very womanly trait. It became acceptable when women started accepting all of the bodily functions that happen to women as the age or bear children. Now, being a “lady” is a different label, but not necessarily a better one. Being a lady really just means that you pretend like you do not have normal bodily functions, hair, hormones, sweat glands, odors… because that would be gross! I embrace womanhood, have born five children, am still quite a “lady” when the situation truly calls for it, and I a not ashamed to admit that I “pee a little” when I jump on a trampoline, or sneeze unexpectedly. Go women!

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    • We are not crass or dirty mouthed for saying anything we, as women, feel like saying. I work with 39 men in construction. I am their boss simply because I speak my mind and have talent. Be a woman. We have big balls.

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