The Three of Us

img_0420We’ve been through a lot this year, the three of us. We managed to make it though the ups and downs, the triumphs and the failures, the joys and the heartaches. Most of the time I think we made a pretty good team.

Sure, we had moments when we were at odds with each other, but for the most part, I’d say we handled things fairly well.

When one of us broke down, the others were there to help pick up the pieces.

I know I couldn’t have done it alone.

We experienced so much together. It’s been a rough year in many ways, glorious in others. The pain we’ve been through, both physical and emotional, might have broken us if we hadn’t had someone to lean on. Some days it was too much and we tried to push each other away, preferring the company of misery, but we stuck right by each other’s side until there wasn’t room enough for that particular guest to stay.

Because of our bond, we are here, whole and unshattered. Maybe a little jagged around the edges, but life can do that to a person. We always try to remind each other to look for beauty in everything, to find whatever lessons can be learned, and to grow from every experience we have. We never let each other lose faith, we know everything about each other; our hopes and dreams, our sorrows and fears, and we love each other for them and through them and despite them, even when we forget to love ourselves, we love each other.

I’m sorry if I don’t always give you the recognition you deserve, it’s something I’m working on, but you know that, after all, we share everything.

I’m never alone.

We’re never alone, the three of us, Me, Myself, and I.


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