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What a Wonderful World (it could be)

We CAN have one, a wonderful world. I know we can. It has to start inside of every individual, we can’t begin to make it so until we cleanse our own hearts, until we purge ourselves first of the anger, the disdain, the judgments . . .the ‘I’.

Only then can we find the wonder that surrounds us, and it does my friends, it does. We just need to open our eyes and embrace it, and each other.

Some people think it doesn’t matter if they make the effort, no one else seems to be doing it, so why should they? It DOES matter, one person, one voice, one change might be the catalyst that marks a new day for someone else, and then another and another.

Can you imagine what might happen if we all made a choice to let go of the very things that separate us? Oh, I can. I imagine it could be a very wonderful world indeed . . .

It starts with me. It starts with you.

Listen to what Louis says before he sings . . .