I wrote you a letter . . .

img_0429I just wanted to take a moment or two to say hello, you may not know me, but maybe you do. Perhaps we’ve passed by each other on the road, shared a smile in the store, or crossed paths online. Maybe you’ve been my life-long friend, maybe we’ve just met.

You might be family, or something that feels as close to family as you can get. You might be a stranger, but it doesn’t matter, I’m writing to you because you matter to me and I wanted you to know that.

I’m not all that adept at starting up conversations, so this is the best way I know to tell you all the things my heart wants to say, a few of them at least. I hope you don’t mind. The thing is, I don’t know if you know how I feel, this may be the only way I can tell you. I tend to be a little on the quiet side (until you get to know me) and people say I can be hard to read in person. I’m different, but really, aren’t we all? I don’t want those differences or perceived differences to keep us apart because I value you. I do.

There will likely be things we don’t see eye to eye upon, but that’s okay. We are more than a few opinions, there’s more to me and more to you than current affairs and hot topics.

I’ll tell you something, even I don’t agree with you, I’ll always do my best to be respectful and try to understand. I’ll defend you and stand by you because I think that is what we should do for each other. I may not fight your particular fight, but I’m your battle buddy if anyone tries to tell you don’t have the right to speak up for what you believe. I know all too well how it feels when someone tries to silence what is in your heart.

I know sometimes you will have a bad day, I have them as well. I’ll do my honest best not to judge who you are based upon a fleeting moment in time when maybe you were dealing with something that made everything else seem bad too.

I want you to be happy. I want to be the person you see smiling in a crowd of frowns, I want to be the one to hold doors open for you when no one else does. I want to be a shoulder you can lean on, a helping hand, a friendly voice.

See, I am always looking for these things too, sadly, I don’t always find them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be and do the very things I seek.

I don’t know your complete story and you do not know mine, if we did, I wonder if it would make it easier to reach out. Sometimes I’m afraid to. I simply don’t know who will reach back and who will slap my hand away, but if I don’t, how can I expect others to?


I hope and pray you have a beautiful day, and I hope if we do happen to pass each other by, I will see your smile, and you will see mine . . .

14 thoughts on “I wrote you a letter . . .

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  2. *smiles*

    Part of me wants to smile back. The rest of me feels I owe you a long-overdue apology for how I was on the day we DID meet in person. I can only imagine that I was distracted, a let-down, and probably rude. I don’t have an excuse for being an asshole, but I have the scant explanation that I was undergoing some of the most extremely difficult feelings of pending loss, mixed with a big dollop of bullying going on at the same time, and I was sleep-deprived.

    I’d love a do-over 😦 I think you’re wonderful.

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    • Oh, please smile, your smile fills my heart ❤️ You’ve nothing to apologize for! I felt blessed that day, truly. I wish we’d had more time and better seating, but it was still wonderful and lovely and I am so, so thankful for it.

      I cannot wait for a do-over, do-again. It was hard for me to show up and I figured it showed, I too was going through a rough patch, anxiety and ill health, and oh crap they’re going to hate me in person-I look like a bloated sick fatty-I don’t know how to talk to people in real life . . .

      You ‘worded’ your way into my heart and now you’re stuck there and I love ya just a little bit more than a lot for doing that. You helped me when you didn’t even know I needed it.

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      • *HUGS* I do love you dearly and I’m so glad we’re good. I’ve felt rubbish about how I behaved that day, because I was struggling just so much. I LOVED meeting you, I just felt so torn and I don’t feel as though you got…not the best of me, but not even close to what I wanted to be like with you. If that makes any sense. I know you were having a hard time too 😦 I am SO up for a do-over 😀 *hugs*

        (And I thought you looked wonderful and I loved how sparkly we all were in spite of everything) ❤ ❤


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