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Why can’t I remember?


I know there was something
I wanted to say,
it was there for a moment
then it slipped away.

Oh! Now I remember!
No . . . that can’t be it.
I’m sure it’ll come to me,
just give me a bit.

Now what was I doing
when I first forgot?
If I could retrace my steps
it would help quite a lot.

If only I knew,
but I just can’t recall,
my poor mind is blank
and I can’t think at all.

Oh, just forget it.
I don’t have the time
to dust off these cobwebs
that have formed in my mind.

If it was important
I’ll remember tonight
when I close my eyes
and snuggle in tight.

My sleep will be robbed
and my mind will spark,
it always happens
as I lay in the dark.

I really wish I knew
why all my days are spent
trying to remember
where my thoughts have went.

Well, just never you mind
what I was going to say,
I’ll let you know what it was
if I remember it someday . . .

Crystal R. Cook