Ten Things of Thankful – Thank you for reminding me to be thankful.


I wasn’t going to write a TToT, there is a chance I may not even complete it now that I’ve decided to begin, BUT, I need to focus on being thankful – I’m a wee bit on the pissy side and I really need to change that. No one likes it when I’m pissy. I don’t like it when I’m pissy.

Reading a handful and a half of other TToT posts inspired me to sit my butt down and write. So there ya are – I am thankful. Thankful to each and every one of you who take the time to share the things you’re thankful for, even when you might be in the midst of one of those weeks yourself. It makes me feel connected and less alone. Thank you.

Today I cried. I’m thankful for that, I needed a good cry. I didn’t need the stuffy nose, puffy eyes, and headache that immediately followed, but I’ll not dwell on those – the cry felt good, it was cleansing. In the midst of my melancholy, I did something so entirely out of character for me – I reached out to a friend. I messaged her just so someone out there knew I was losing it and she helped me pull it together. Thank you my sweet Lizzi. I am thankful for you. And Xanax, I am thankful for Xanax as well.

I’m thankful for the glorious rains falling on my little corner of the world this week. I can’t help but think those precious drops of rain began to fall as much to nourish my soul as they did to nourish the land. I let my tears rain down right along with them, and like the rains cleanse all they touch, my tears cleansed me as well. So very thankful.

My daughter passed her finals and will soon be a certified EMT, she’ll continue, perhaps, onto paramedic training. We’ll see. She is young, She’s been a cashier, a firefighter, a student, and now she stocks the ambulances she may soon be saving someone in. My youngest son, my baby, will be eighteen this month. He drove me to Walmart yesterday. Their older brothers are making small strides of their own. Thankful is not nearly a powerful enough word to express my gratitude for these children I’ve been blessed with. My heroes. This week I wished they were little again, the feeling was fleeting, but it was strong. I miss the little ones they once were sometimes. No, thankful is not a powerful enough word.

I’m thankful for coffee. Silly thing to include, but I truly am. Especially the cup my husband brings me every morning before he heads off for a long day of work. He doesn’t have to do it, make me coffee every morning, but he does. That is really rather sweet, isn’t it?

Soft and snuggly blankets, books I don’t want to put down, words that reach across the miles and wrap around my heart, bedtime, music, empty laundry baskets, and silence – I am thankful.

Thankful and not quite as pissy as I was when I began . . .


15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Thank you for reminding me to be thankful.

  1. I just chanced to find your blog and really like your style. And the thoughts you have to say about life. I think about those same things. I recently started a blog and have no idea what I’m doing, so this morning I decided to explore what’s out there. And I found yours.
    What I like about your thoughts is that it’s about life. That’s always a good thing.

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    • Thanks 🙂 I am coming up on my one year blogiversary and still don’t know what I’m doing! I just share what’s in my heart to share . . . it’s been a great adventure so far!


  2. the cool thing about this here TToT here is, (well, besides the Secret Book of Rules (aka the Book of Secret Rules) and the Seven Guard Virgins and the fact of multi-hostettinae)…well, now that I read that, I guess all those things are pretty cool!
    well, no wait! I guess what I mean to say is that, as a ‘gratitude blog’ we are remarkably liberal and, as such, are participateable by people who are in virtually any mood! hell! we even accept ‘hypo-gratitude’ items as part of the 10 Items (better ask Lizzi or Zoe)
    glad you came by this weekend

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  3. It is always amazing to me how easily the thankfuls manage to come in those weeks when I’m sure I have none. Just the act of starting sometimes helps get the juices flowing. Maybe it’s that once you open the door to the process, the things that make us thankful are there beneath the surface – and I think that is a wonderful thing. You know you can reach out here anytime, too. I’m so glad Lizzi was there for you. A good cry and a good sleep work wonders for those overwhelming emotion days. I hope you have found peace and comfort on the other side of both.
    As for coffee…hell yes it belongs on the list. Silly girl. 😉


  4. Glad that you are feeling a bit better. Congrats to your daughter. It is a proud moment to see kids grow up, but I do understand missing sweet hugs from little arms.


  5. pissy…. pissy…..pissy…. that was how I described myself yesterday… hope you feel better soon… cry is a good thing… as is passing EMT test… WAY TO GO DAUGHTER!!!!!


  6. Hope you feel better after the cry and the spilling of your thankfuls on the page. It always helps me. Happy Mother’s Day. I know how you feel about wishing them little again. Just to experience that sweet, uncomplicated love. But, I am so proud of the young adults they have turned into. I am thankful for coffee everyday. However, I stumble down the stairs and make my own after my husband has left for work. How sweet your hub does that for you. Glad to see you here. The hop has been a wonderful part of my week for almost a year.


  7. It doesn’t seem rational, but a good cry is very cathartic.
    I’m glad you decided to join in with us. My mood always improves after I read other people’s lists and sit down to write my own.
    It is awfully sweet that your husband brings you coffee each day.
    Congrats to your daughter! My kids all still live with me, yet I miss the days when they were small. I see the near future, when they all start to jump the mother ship, and I want those early days back even more…


  8. I am thankful for tea and soft blankets. I would be very thankful for empty laundry baskets…but they don’t seem to have a bottom in my house.


  9. Even when you’re at your pissiest (spell check doesn’t like that word, but I do and it stays), it’s amazing how you can come up with thankfuls that you didn’t know you had in you. Hope it all turns around for you soon.


  10. You’re always, always welcome, my friend, and I’m so glad you DID reach out to me, and that I was able to make it a tiny bit better for you.

    I hope you liked the book, and yeah – this reads like a piece which was very cathartic to get out, but I’ll have you know that it’s okay to feel pissy and awkward and sad. And it’s okay to cry.

    Truly ❤


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