In The company of Angels

I seem to run a cross these words whenever someone needs to hear them, I have learned to never ignore the small voice that gently urges me to share. If this is meant for your heart, I hope it brings some comfort.


I know you cannot see me, but I’m hoping you will hear,
the message I am whispering, so softly in your ear.

I know I left too quickly, there wasn’t time to say goodbye,
for when the angels came, I simply had to fly.

I caught a glimpse of Heaven in the twinkling of their eyes,
and I couldn’t help but follow, as they began to rise.

Heaven is so beautiful, how I wish that you were here,
I would hold you close, and softly wipe away your tears.

I’m in the company of angels, for eternity I’ll remain,
free from earthly sorrow, from fear and doubt and pain.

In the company of angels, I will stand and wait,
I’ll be keeping watch, near Heavens pearly gate.

I know the day will come, I will see you enter in,
as angels sing in praise, we’ll be together once again.

I love you oh so much, please try not to cry,
I have the softest wings, oh how I love to fly.

Maybe you will feel them, wrapping round you as you sleep,
I will live forever in the memories that you keep.

I am in the company of angels now, please do not despair,
I’ll meet you at the pearly gates, I’ll be waiting there . . .

Crystal R. Cook

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