If We Were Having Coffee – You would wonder who invited me.


If we were having coffee you would probably wonder who the heck I am. I would smile and ask you to pass the cream and the sugar and sit in awkward silence while I stirred a little wooden stick in my cup.

After a sip or two I might attempt to introduce myself, hopefully you would initiate the conversation though. I can be the teensiest bit socially reserved and ever so slightly shy. I’m not really shy, the sometimes awkwardly reserved part just gets in the way — at first.

I would tell you having company with my coffee is new, I typically sit by myself, but lately I am intrigued by the company I could be keeping, so I’ve decided to step outside of my bubble and join you.

Thank you for not switching tables.

If we were having coffee I would tell you all about the people I’m certain you already know, and if you don’t you should, who quite unknowingly reached inside my bubble and gently pulled me out. It all started with Lizzi. She kind of rocked my world some time ago and changed it by engaging me in conversation, by unconditionally offering her friendship. I kind of love her for that.

By now, I would be ordering another cuppa coffee and prattling on about life, love, writing, my children and the amazing happenstance that brought me here, #1000speak, you’ve heard of it, right? Of course you have, but if you hadn’t I would wait while you looked it up.

I would tell you I’m not much of a joiner, at least I haven’t been, but this whole voices for compassion movement moved me and now I am becoming a joiner. I would tell you I became a reluctant Twitterer, I joined a couple of blogging groups and I came out for coffee, with you.

You might not think these are very big things, but believe me they are bigger than I am accustomed to.

So Lizzi led me to #1000Speak, which led me to Twitter where GeneO the Sourcerer gave me a shout out and now, here I sit, having coffee with you.

If we were having coffee I would tell you it’s been one heck of a week full of new people I feel rather blessed to have found . . .

Crystal R. Cook

26 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – You would wonder who invited me.

  1. This was the sweetest, Crystal. So thrilled you a part of this, as well, and Beyond that you have been coaxed from that bubble of yours. There is much good to do and I’ll think you’ll find yourself somewhat at home right smack dab in the middle of it.

    Blessed to meet you,

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  2. I’m so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and the other #1000Speak folks better. If we were having coffee we’d have A LOT to talk about!

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  3. I still really have no idea how it happened…to be honest, I think YOU discovered ME, as I recall, because I’m notoriously bad at staying within the confines of my bubble. I think you left comments (how you showed up chez moi, I’ve no idea – I’m just thankful!) and then I followed you home when I realised that the way you’d constructed them made my mind sparkle. And then HERE….this place…so beautiful and SO almost-but-not-quite-in-so-many-ways the same…

    And then I think you wrote something about punctuation (wrong to hope it was the Oxford comma or parentheses?) and that was it – I was gone.

    I’m pretty sure the term they use (so you can keep up with the vernacular, Grasshopper) is ‘Blog Crush’ 😉 If I’ve never shown you a little piece over at Beth’s called Blogygamy, remind me to – it explains a whole lot about me.

    But I am gladder than gladder than glad to have made your acquaintance and earned your friendship and to have the pleasure of your company on Twitter and in #1000Speak and on Facebook 🙂

    (p.s. I would have tea, and we would be FINE. And it would be ME who would have invited you, forsure) 🙂

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  4. I would love to take you out for coffee, though I’d have tea, and, now that I am pushing myself out of my comfort zones as well, I think we’d have a pretty interesting conversation. 😊
    Although, I think we’d end up interrupting each other about a dozen times. And Lizzi is the greatest thing since buttered toast. 😁

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    • Sounds delightful 😊 I am so far out of my comfort zone right now I should be going mad, but . . . Surprising myself a little every day! I thought the whole blog thing was going to be the biggest step I would take . . .

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      • Oh no. Once you take that first step…amazing things begin happening. Not everything is good but oh, how wonderful are the ones that take your breath away!
        And wait until you look back and see the mountain you’ve climbed. 😉


  5. Lovely coffee chat – thanks for sharing with me! I’ve loved the way social media has let us all connect around different things. Can understand not being much of a joiner, but sometimes there are things that are so very worth it 🙂

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  6. Wonderful post Crystal! Isn’t it amazing how a passion for something can lead you to do things you never thought of before! I for one am loving seeing you post again and join some truly amazing groups!

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  7. Ain’t social media wonderful? Thanks for joining the coffee share, and this is a lovely post.

    Diana and me only really started on the Twitter about a year ago. Basically, we Tweeted with each other about blogs and writing incessantly for weeks until bloggers noticed us and started putting us on lists. Then we followed from the lists for awhile and started following Twitter accounts when we found them linked to blogs.

    Twitter’s fun if you have a few people to tweet with.

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