Today I kissed an angel


This poem was written about a little Angel named Morgan. I never saw him, never held him, never heard his voice, but he will always be in my heart. The words were written after a heartbreakingly beautiful phone call I received from my mother.

I could tell she’d been crying by the crack in her voice, her day had taken a direction she’d not expected, it led her right to a little angel, an angel soon to be spreading his wings to fly home.

She went to the hospital that day, for what I can’t recall, but she was there because she was meant to be. As she walked down a hallway, she could hear crying, something within her heart made her turn toward that sound of sorrow.

She stood before an open door, one of countless many, and looked upon a family, her heart could feel their pain. Surrounded by those who loved him was a little boy, Morgan. He was dying. She somehow became a part of this grieving family for a brief moment in time. Little Morgan touched her heart as she held his tiny hand, his family stood in prayer with my mother, a stranger to them, yet they embraced her in that moment.

She sat by Morgan’s bedside and sang to him, her voice filled the room with so much more than song, it brought with it a calm, a moment of respite for a weary family . . . I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to be in that room, beneath the heavy sadness there was a renewed sense of strength and faith. I imagine it would be hard to find beauty during such a time, but they did. Love, compassion, and faith gathered within those walls and wrapped around little Morgan, his family, and my mother, I can’t help but think of beauty when I imagine it.

Today I kissed an angel
I held his broken wings
My voice rang out to little ears
that could not hear me sing

I smiled my best smile
although he could not see
I know inside his precious heart
he was smiling back at me

At first I thought the Lord
chose me to comfort him
as the hope of those he loved
had begun to slowly dim

As I held his little hand
by his bed on bended knee
I caressed his little brow
it was then that he blessed me

He did not speak a word
he lay still and peaceful there
as my tears began to fall
my voice arose in prayer

To look upon the face
of an angel here on earth
to be a part of God’s great work
is a gift of untold worth

I know that every life
serves a purpose great or small
Even the tiniest child
could be here to save us all

A silent piece of me
will never fully understand
I find comfort in the promise
that he’ll rest in God’s own hand

If he takes his twilight breath
before another sun can shine
I will say a prayer of thanks
for I held his hand in mine

Crystal R. Cook

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