More or less a fact –

Sometimes my son goes on lengthy verbal journeys, generally dragging me along for the ride. We typically walk through his thoughts and ideas at a comfortable pace, enjoying ourselves as we take turns pointing out the scenery. Every now and then, a particular notion will lead us gradually uphill and away from our destination and I will have to convince him to turn back.

Things move much faster when they are rolling downhill.

Like a tumbleweed gaining momentum and gathering debris along the way, his thoughts can become tangled and a little less cohesive as he picks up speed. This afternoon I was invited upon one of his loquacious adventures and soon enough, we began gaining altitude, as I eased him back down to the realm of all things calm and quiet, he uttered a sentence which even made him stop and think –

” . . . but I guess could be considered as more or less a fact. Maybe.”

We decided to stop for a picnic.



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