Hello? Hello? . . . Hello?


Phone solicitors are fun. One just called. Caller ID alerted me to the obvious solicitation expert waiting for me to pick up, I answered, didn’t say hello, just answered and listened. He waited the obligatory 10 seconds like he was obviously trained to do before saying hello. He said it 6 times. He did not hang up though. He said it two more times and waited.

A tiny bit of the laughter I was holding back escaped and he quickly said, “Hello! I won’t take up much of your time, how are you doing this evening?” He waited for about five seconds.

“Hello? Hello? Are you still there?”

Five more seconds tick by.

“Ma’am? Hello? Hello? This will only take a minute or two of your time. Hello? Is there a good time for me to call back?”

Three seconds.


Five seconds.


He was persistent and patient. I like that in a phone solicitor. Wait . . . no. No I don’t.

Crystal R. Cook

8 thoughts on “Hello? Hello? . . . Hello?

    • Cold-caller :o) It’s so perfectly amusing how very different things can mean!

      My silly stick figures . . . Yes :o) I have a tingly little feeling you have some too by your response, and if that is the case I am going to simply have to declare you as family!

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      • I have been drawing my little stick-figure ‘Considerette’ as I call her, for over a year. She just doesn’t show up so much on the blog since I got the smartphone and am no longer reliant on ‘Paint’ for my illustrations 😀 WOW!

        And yes – very amusing, but I like how you handled it. Husby has been known to play them Opeth at top volume…

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        • My guy is named Stickler :o) Good ole paper and markers . . . He makes me smile – Those phone strangers drive me batty, we’ve played them music, we’ve talked to them, asked about their pets, their health. Basic obnoxiousness ensues when one of us answers. I’ve asked to be removed from so many calling lists, but there are always more . . .


          • Pro-tip (I actually worked in one of these awful places for a couple of months until my soul couldn’t take it any more) – tell them it’s a business line and they’ll usually cross you off their list.

            Paper and markers is good 🙂

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            • Fantastic . . . I will be using that! I have a post on here somewhere about a brief moment in time I did calling, it was for some measure on our local ballot, I annoyed myself calling to ask for a yes vote. It was close to Christmas and the extra funds were too good to pass up. I will never do it again though!

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