*ish* day . . .


I keep telling myself I need to get up and do something at least relatively productive today. The problem is, I don’t much care for being told what to do, so I am rather at odds with myself at the moment. On one hand, I am trying to convince myself it’s my own personal desire to rise and be responsible, on the other, I am my own authority figure and feel the need to rebel.

I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you missed it, I’m not entirely crazy. I can’t be the only one with an ongoing, internal discourse in regard to how best spend the day ahead. At the heart of this particular issue is this, I’m tired. Physically, I’m awake, chipper even. Alright, that’s an exaggeration almost tantamount to a lie, but I am awake and in a fairly fair(ish) mood. It will be safe to remove the ish once I’ve finished my coffee, at least I am fairly certain(ish) it will be.

My current level of tired goes beyond the physical. I am weary in many ways at my very core. It’s like everything in me just realized it’s been running on empty for too long and the gears have ground to a halt. Maybe this is why I drink too much coffee. Perhaps I am feeding my fragile engine with the wrong fuel. Nah, it just needs something in addition to my beloved brew.

~ OR ~ I am just being lazy and all of this diatribical wordage is nothing more than me justifying my reluctance to do laundry.  *diatribical – it is a word today. If the dictionary can now include hashtag, I can play with my words as I wish. Octothorpe, by the way, it is an octothorpe. 

I’ve approximately two, possibly three more sips in my cup and am contemplating a second fix, oh, but that requires action on my part, it’s a worthy enough endeavor I suppose. Well worthy. I may make some tea in lieu of the java, sounds rather delightful actually. I was hoping my rambling would lead me and spur me forward in my quest for motivation, but thus far the most appealing thing I’ve come up with is sitting on the porch with my coffee, or tea, and losing myself completely between the pages of a book.

I may get dressed today, the probability of remaining in my pajamas is likely though, quite likely as a matter of fact since doing the wash has not yet made it to the top of my to-do list for the day. My cup is now emptied and a decision has to be made, I’m flipping a coin . . .

Crystal R. Cook

15 thoughts on “*ish* day . . .

  1. “sitting on the porch with my coffee, or tea, and losing myself completely between the pages of a book” – in what world should laundry ever take precedence over this? At least for more than a moment? Homer, Aristotle, perhaps even Eyre and Tolkein would [almost certainly] all scoff at the idea that housework should take the priority. Get someone in to do it – expand the MIND! That is truly worthwhile.

    (You expanded mine, by the way – ‘octothorpe’ – far preferable to ‘pound sign’ which, I don’t even KNOW where that came from, and hashtag, which sounds like something found on the menu at a greasy spoon…)


    • I do believe they would respond favorably to my desire to forgo chores if favor of a good read :o) tomorrow though, I need clean pants.

      I always imagine a nasty game involving people flinging greasy potato bits at each other when I hear the word *if you chose to think of it as such* hashtag.

      See what I did there? I am enamored by my newfound love and unconventional use of those cute little asterisks :o) Many thanks for that . . .

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      • They’re fun, aren’t they? *dances*

        Yaknow, I once wrote to Tesco (major chain of groceries’n’everything stores here) to suggest that now McCain (frozen foods company) had come out with ‘Mashtags’ (for real – internet symbols in crispy potato shapes’, they should counter with their own brand of ‘Potaticons’…they apparently passed the idea on to their marketing people but I never heard any more than that.

        ‘Pants’ is different here, but yes – you need clean things 😉


        • Mashtags and Potaticons . . . Brilliant actually, they could have made a fortune :o) Whatever pants may be on your side of the pond, I am thinking undergarments perhaps, looking at my laundry bin it’s safe to assume I need pants, no matter what the word means. I know It’s late and my tired has taken control if I’m talking about undergarments. Clean things. I should have left it at that :o)


  2. Coffee! I’m on cup number three…or four. I’m addicted. I like your writing style. The topic (if there is one) wouldn’t usually be my cup of tea (using that word on purpose) but you kept me hooked. Hope you were productive, if need be. If not, hope you enjoyed your book!

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    • Thank you kindly ~ the coffee won out, it typically does . . . Topics are optional with me sometimes. I’ve narrowed my book choices for the day down to three, a classic, another classic and a self-help. So basically I’ll be indulging in one of the classics this afternoon :o)


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