Sigh. Ugh. Argh.



I seem to have taken ill, or lazy, or moody; they feel surprisingly similar at times. I am a miserable beast, my current disposition is slightly less than amicable and considerably less than favorable. I’ve done my best to mask the monster for nearly a week now in hopes no one would notice, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to contain.

Of course, I am prone to the dramatic when I feel like this, things are never as bad as I ultimately make them out to be . . . but they are. This is more than simple 6 AM melodrama because I am annoyed at being awake. This is, I have a headache, my body feels like it’s run a marathon from a simple day of housework, no one has bothered to pick up dog poo for a week, found the handle of my eighth favorite coffee cup on the floor, it’s so hot here I can’t properly breathe and I look like I work in sweat lodge, bills are due, and I forgot the important stuff at the grocery store, kind of turmoil..

Legitimate reasons to brood, no? I’ve not sat down to write anything of substance or value in quite some time, this particular grouping of words cannot be counted as proper writing since it is basically nothing more than a mini whine session to convince myself I am justified in my misery, not that I truly need justification. My complaints are just.

I’m mostly laying the blame for my ghastly circumstances on the heat, I grew up in Alaska, it’s not in my genetic makeup to survive and thrive in the September heat here in Western armpit of the United States. I’ve had eighteen years to acclimate to the seemingly volcanic temperatures my fellow citizens seem to adore, it’s not going to happen.

Sigh. Ugh. Argh.

Crystal R. Cook

8 thoughts on “Sigh. Ugh. Argh.

  1. Hi, I hope you’re feeling better. I live in a tropical country, so I’m accustomed to the heat. But Alaska has always been in my bucket list. I’ve stepped foot on it, but for a few hours only, on a stopover to NYC. Someday I hope to return and stay. How wonderful that you were born in such a beautiful place.


  2. That’s what a blog’s for, innit. Get it all out of you – you’ll feel better for it 🙂

    Weird weather sucks. I ache from boxing and I have to go hang laundry up to dry, which means bringing the airer in from the balcony into the bedroom AND taking the dry laundry off it to make way for the wet, and I JUST DON’T WANT TO!

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  3. 😀 seems like the weather is affecting people worldwide…same here…weird climate…bleak mood..torcher waking up to go to worries…u have a fellow mini whiner over here..will send uu some bright cheery something if I find..

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