Eleventeen. It sounds so right.


Eleventeen was my favorite number when I was a kid. People thought I was weird, I thought they were weird. When I was told there was no such number I was devastated. When I was three or four years old I pleaded with my Head Start preschool teacher for the inclusion of my beloved number eleventeen, I ever so politely asked her to add it to the numbers she was teaching. I no longer recall what her reply was, obviously she didn’t send my request up the chain of command like I’d expected. To this day, eleventeen has yet to be embraced as a bona-fide number. I fear it never will.

It just sounds so right, doesn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Eleventeen. It sounds so right.

  1. But then what would you do with 12? Turn it into ‘Twoty’? Because ‘twelveteen’ is a horrendous beast to try to get your mouth around.

    Eleventy’s a thing – I use it often, but prefixed with ‘ahundredand’, and suffixed with -billion, and it denotes ‘a LOT, a lot, a lot’ of whatever. Usually I use it in context of old people who behave in a very elderly manner “I saw a lady today who was about ahundredandeleventybillion years old”

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