Please Promise Me

Please Promise Me


Please promise me you will never change. Tell me you will still be you no matter what the world throws your way. Assure me you will guard your heart against the trials, the sorrows, the detours and the roadblocks you will stumble upon as you travel through life.

Please promise me you will always look for rainbows after every storm, tell me you will search for the good when it is buried beneath the bad, and tell me you will always see the beauty of the tiny flowers beneath your feet when everyone else sees only weeds.

Oh, please promise me you will never let your voice be silenced when the crowds try to drown it out. Promise me you will walk alone if everyone around you chooses to stray from the path. Promise me you will turn away when temptation beckons, and promise me, please promise me, if you have to change it will be only for the better, like the little caterpillars who trade their legs for wings.

Promise you will believe in yourself when something or someone makes you doubt, tell me you will lean on faith when you are weary and share your strength when you are strong. Promise me you will never forget to pray. You must promise you will never forget what a precious treasure you are.

Promise me, please promise me . . .


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