And this is why tumbler annoys me –

My son was Googling my name for fun, because it’s super fun to Google your ma’s name when it pops up all over the place, and he stumbled across a tumbler thingy calling ME out for a pin I pinned on Pinterest forever ago. I have no clue how old this tumblarity is, but I kind of wanted to address it, plus, I’m a little bored – sooo . . .

**For clarifications sake, the portion of this I am referring to is inside the yellow box there on the right, the rest is my response.

2 thoughts on “And this is why tumbler annoys me –

    • The comment that got to me was the yellow box on the right side, the rest of it was my response I added to the page. This person was basically saying the meme I shared was in poor taste, truth is, every autism family I know found it humorous, sometimes it’s a choice between laughter and tears for people with special needs kids, Some days it’s a toss up 🙂 The person behind squash-kitty seems to like being judgemental and cruel.


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