Be a Good Human – It’s your choice . . .

It’s simple really, choose goodness. Choose kindness, respect, and compassion. Choose to walk away, choose to not respond to everything, at least until you’ve taken a moment to decide if you should.

Choose not to rush to judgement, choose to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you criticize the way they walk. Choose actions over words, giving over taking, understanding over assumption.

It really is a choice and I can’t help but think your choices and mine, could change the world, even if it makes a difference to one person, one person who is wondering if there is anyone left cares, they might just go on and change the world even more.

Be a good human, the world needs more good humans.


6 thoughts on “Be a Good Human – It’s your choice . . .

  1. I’m a human & i appreciate humanity.
    My love & respect to every one live and act as a human


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