Why won’t they just wash a dish every now and then?

My kids. Awesome. Really, they are truly awesome. I did a damn good job in the momma department. Serious kudos to me. Yeah, patting my own back. Someone’s gotta say it.

That being said, I’m going to admit to a little bit of spectacular failure on my part.

These kids, I say kids – they are 27, 24, 23, and 19 – these kids of mine have yet to master the art of washing a damn dish when they are finished with it! At the very least, they could load into the dishwasher. Sheesh.

*For clarification, the 23 year old girl-child no longer lives in my home, but I’ve been to her house, so . . .

I went wrong somewhere. I mean OK, they are kind, compassionate, respectful, loving and all kinds of other great stuff, but they don’t even rinse off their dishes without me losing half my sht to get them to do it. *sigh

Oh well. I still say I was a damn good parent. I’m putting this one on their dad.

8 thoughts on “Why won’t they just wash a dish every now and then?

    • Indeed 😜 We have a full house still and everyone needs to step up a bit more! My youngest uses work as his get outta dishes card, the older two are autistic, and while they may not get them as clean as they need to be, But they stil gotta do it! I’ve been ill recently, they all took a bit of advantage I think . . . Dishes got done last night though!


  1. My 29-year-old loads and unloads the dishwasher and I can’t look. If I do, then I change it all around. But at least he does the dishes, sometimes under protest, but if you still live with me, you still get chores.

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  2. Paper plates! Yes! I have each of my boys buy a package of them at the beginning of every month, it helps . . . a little 😜 I’m not sure my daughter or her husband can use a dishwasher yet. When I visited them they wanted me to look at theirs because it wasn’t working. It took me just a few seconds to tell them they needed to plug it in! *sigh*

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  3. Seriously, I hear ya. My oldest moved out six months ago and wants to buy a dishwasher. Like why? It’s only you! Plus, I am not sure he knows how to load a dishwasher either. My suggestion was that he just buy paper plates.

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