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Six Sentence Stories – Home

img_0626When the postcard arrived, she laughed and tossed it into the junk bin without bothering to read the details, “You are cordially invited to attend . . ” was all she needed to see, being cordially invited to anything was near the bottom on her list of things she enjoyed, right under jumping out of a plane without a parachute; besides, there wasn’t even a return address – which usually meant junk.

Three days went by without her giving so much as a passing thought to the postcard laying atop the annoying pile of credit card offers and home mortgage refi pitches waiting to be shredded, but then a second invitation arrived.

This one was fancier than the last, the soft, paper linen envelope held a handwritten summons, the gilded ink danced across a clouded vellum insert, “Your presence is requested . . .”, it almost felt like a crime to discard the lovely solicitation into the bin, but she did.

Two more days came and went, as did curious thoughts about the odd invitations, not curious enough to need satisfying though, get-togethers, no matter how appealing the request was presented, held no desire for her; but still, there where those curious questions festering in the back of her mind.

That evening a third envelope arrived, this one in a plain, standard size business envelope, her name centered and typed with commercial precision, no return address, the equally plain white paper inside simply stated, “This is your final notice, please arrive promptly at noon tomorrow.”, the finality of the tone unnerved her, she retrieved the other invitations and scoured them for more information, there wasn’t any to be found.

Six days had passed since the first cryptic notice had arrived, noon came and went, the time between each tick of the second hand on the clock became slower and slower with each movement; the knock on the door came like a sonic boom to her psyche – standing in her doorway was a dapper gentleman, a three ring binder in one hand and an elegant walking cane in the other, “I’m sorry to bother you at home, ma’am, you really should have sent an RSVP . . .”

This is my third Six Sentence Story, and I have to say, this link-up has become one of my favorites! Each time I read the cue, I have no idea what to write, so I just don’t think about it and start. 

What comes out is kind of cool, it gets me inspired to write for the day, which usually lasts throughout the week. I admit to the liberal and questionable use of commas throughout my six sentences . . . brevity in the written word is something I am seemingly incapable of, and being limited to six sentences has forced me to embrace the run-on, rambling writing I so often beg writers I critique not to do.

Thank you, Ivy, for this wonderful link-up!

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writing prompt hosted by Ivy on her blog Uncharted, this week, the cue was home. 


Click the pic to join in and share YOUR six sentences! 

Join me? Meme Story link-up

I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before. Join me?

Lately I’ve been having one helluva time finding the motivation and the inspiration to do the thing I most need to do, which is write. When I don’t write, I’m not quite right . . . You know what I mean, don’t you?

So yesterday, this meme popped up on my Facebook feed and it kind of made me giggle because I was thinking, “Oh yeah, I totally relate.” But then I was like, “Wait, I don’t have a cat.


Obviously I may need to schedule an appointment of some kind to address this, we’ll see.

Mental health concerns aside, it did cause a little spark and a silly scene began to swirl inside my mind, so I jotted it down.

You see, yesterday, (a long, long time ago), I fell into a rabbit hole (I’m assuming that it was, though I’ve no real way to know), I fear I may have bumped my lid, at least I think I’m thinking this is what I did – I must have bumped my noggin at the very least once, or perhaps maybe even thrice, but for the sake of sake itself, let’s just say I bumped it twice.

No. That simply cannot be! I’ve no particular way to be certain that was indeed the case, so never you mind my kindest dears, forget all that I’ve just said, for if indeed I’d cracked my melon, surely I’d be dead.

Why then do you think, I would answer queries from a cat who isn’t really there? Oh bother with the bother, you needn’t answer something quite so silly. Anyway and besides, it makes no difference really. I like that cat, and he likes me back, so I suppose it matters little, (if it matters much at all), whether he’s real or whether he’s not, especially since, (and I think this might be true), that cat that’s not just might, as he seems to me to be, my very best and truest friend, perhaps the best that there could be.

Nonsensical scribblings led to an outpouring of other words, ones that made sense, and I wrote something real and good and lovely (and I’m still working on it).

I love link ups, I really do. I’ve found some amazing blogs and some amazing bloggy friends because of them and I’ve always wanted to host one of my own, but I’m lazy and kind of, sort of, almost (but not completely) certain no one else will link up and I will seem silly for trying, BUT, I’m working on squashing that doubtful, mean-spirited voice that’s always telling me not to bother with things like this, so . . . I’m doing it. A linky, sharey thing.

Here’s my idea – find a random meme and write about it. Something silly, something fun.

I need a great big break from the ebb and flow of red and blue we seem to be drowning in . . . I need a good giggle and I know, without a doubt, ya’ll can make that happen!

So please dear sirs and ladies, help a bogged down blogger out and link with me? 

Something short, something long, something in between – one lines, two lines, maybe more than three, it doesn’t really matter, simply write something about a meme!

Follow The Qwiet Muse here on WordPress and/or (may I suggest AND?) The Qwiet Muse on Facebook (over there on the right, it’ll take just a second), to check back and read what others are (hopefully sharing). Check them out and let them know what you think!

I have some ideas to bring my little corner of the blog world to life, can’t do it without ya though, (insert most sweetly pathetic smile I can muster).

Okay, meme me with a little story. Please. (and maybe share with your bloggy friends)