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Something to think about, I think.


I think I’m tired of thinking

I may just give it up

I haven’t yet decided though

I’ve not thought it through enough

I’ve made a list of pros and cons

and pondered it for days

wandering round and round

in a ruminating haze

If I really stop and think about it

and I assure you that I have

the thought of thinking things no more

really doesn’t sound too bad

It seems to me that many folks

are getting on just fine

simply gliding through their lives

with empty little minds

But then again, they’re dolts

something I don’t care to be

Without the thoughts I think

would I even still be me?

If I think therefore I am

like Descartes said

I’d cease to be, I’d be no more

without the thoughts that fill my head

“Cogito ergo sum”


Crystal R. Cook