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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Will Probably Never Read

So I stumbled upon this post over at Part Time Monster  I suppose stumbled upon is misleading, I saw a link for a new post and clicked right over, because there is always something good to read over there. 

Anyway ~ That site led me to this site, The Broke and the Bookish and their weekly Top Ten Tuesday feature, and I kind of fell in love, because . . . books. It’s all about the books. I’m bookish and they’re bookish, so naturally I love them. I love lists too. Of course, I typically lose every list I write, but this one will be different because it’s here, not lost somewhere between my purse and the grocery store. 

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday list is 10 Books I Will Probably Never Read

Now I love to read, and it hurts me to admit this, but there are some books I will likely never read, some I know I will never read, and some I will read and wish I hadn’t . . . maybe.


My List of Top Ten Books I will Probably Never Read


Fifty Shades of Grey

Because . . . no. Just no.


The Twilight Series

Vampires don’t sparkle.



Because clowns.


Gone With The Wind

Not interested much in historical fiction, or romance, or romantic historical fiction.


Atlas Shrugged

I don’t care who John Galt is.


John Green Books

I love Mental Floss, but not books about teen angst, love, or drama.


Game of Thrones Books

I’ve heard about the show, violence and incest . . . pass.


Any and ALL romance novels

I just can’t . . . so cheesy.


The Da Vinci Code

Eh, don’t care for Biblical+fiction


The Sleeping Beauty Series

Holy crap, that’s why! I read just a bit and felt the need to cleanse my brain and confess my sin.