Stop putting stickers on books, please stop.

Stop putting stickers on books, please stop.

I have many pet peeves, there are just so many things one can find to be peeved about. Have no fear, I won’t be entertaining you with a list of them . . . not today.

This particular peeve involves books. I love books. I adore them, I collect them, and I cherish them. I respect each and every word between the covers, as well as those printed upon the covers themselves, especially the back covers. There, I can sometimes take a sneak peek at what lies within, it’s like licking the spoon before the cupcakes are ready.

While on vacation not long ago, I found myself in an amazing little book shop. It carried an alluring mixture of books, the old and the new and the in-between. I walked each aisle, running my fingers along the spines of each book, pulling from the shelf the ones that called out to me.

Excited to see what they wanted to say, I eagerly read what tale was to be told, but I was dismayed to find large stickers haphazardly covering the precious words on more than many of them, so I slowly peeled them back, searching for buried treasure.

While peeling back one of those unnecessarily large and ill placed stickers, a young woman approached me. She said, “Ma’am, could you please not peel off our stickers?” I politely informed her I was merely peeling them back enough to read the synopsis, she looked annoyed. “I’m sorry, but you can’t do that.”

Now I was annoyed, “How am I supposed to know if I want to buy the book if I can’t even read the back?” She looked at the book in my hand, “I’ve read that one, trust me, it’s good.” Trust her? For all I know, she is the one who slapped the awful stickers on those precious books! She feigned a smile while saying, “You’re just going to have to buy it and see if you like it.”

What is wrong with this child? “So it’s like Obamacare then?” was my response . . . She said, “Carry on.” and shuffled off.

It was actually quite a good book

Crystal R. Cook

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