Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Report – CDC – LINK

Something has to change.

Our country is in trouble. Our youth, our future, their future, is at risk. Every generation paves the way for the next, today’s parents and educators are shaping tomorrow’s leaders, or are we letting the government and society shape them for us?

The decline of morality, educational values, and accountability in this nation is setting a frightening precedent for what will come. The recently released 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance from the CDC highlights this decline with startling statistics.

If this report does not convince you the youth of our nation are at risk, that parents and educators need to step up and return to the basics, you are deluding yourself. Kids are kids, they don’t always make the right choices, the key word here is choice. This is something they must be TAUGHT to do.

I realize there is a lot to sift through, but even scanning the text is enough to show where we are heading and it’s a downhill spiral if the kinder, gentler, politically correct, everybody wins, no consequences or accountability parenting continues.

Say no. Make rules. Enforce them. Discipline . . . Kids from toddlers to teens are growing up feeling entitled, they are told they have the right to do and have what they please. What they do have, is the right to be loved. They have the right to be cared for, nourished, sheltered, clothed, and educated, the rest of it they need to learn to earn.

Children need to learn respect from the beginning, they need to know right from wrong, they need to have consequences . . .

Elementary school children know more about political rhetoric and alternative lifestyles than they do about compassion and responsibility. They are conditioned to accept the unacceptable. They are no longer required to strive to be their best, just enough is good enough. Make them read, write, study, speak properly. Stop numbing them to reality by allowing violent games, movies and television to invade their minds.

Backseat parenting is destroying their future.

Teachers are no longer allowed to teach the individual, they now teach to achieve tests score high enough to keep their positions. Many are dissolutioned with the profession they entered because they had a passion to teach and help shape the future and they have now been stifled.

Parents are no longer allowed to parent, or no longer know how to. Something simply has to change.

2 thoughts on “Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance

  1. You make valid points about modern parenting and teaching, and I share many of your concerns. But it’s long been my understanding (as a parent and former teacher) that these student self-reporting surveys are seriously flawed and provide very misleading data. Therefore I don’t get too worked up over what these surveys come up with. I think a better way to observe and be aware of risk behavior in kids is to actually be involved in our kids’ lives – their schools, their friends, their activities. -Amy at


    • They are flawed, I just want people to think about the realities facing us. What I see happening with today’s youth frightens me. I’ve seen too many parents using such a hands off approach in child rearing, the things the kids I’ve worked with have revealed to me only reinforces what I have noticed. Those of us truly and wholly involved are in a minority . . .


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