Can you tell me?

My two oldest boys, both autistic wonders, did not develop conversational speech until they were each around 5 years old. I know all kids go through the thousand questions a day stage, but with them, especially my oldest, it was more than curiosity, it was a need to fill every ounce of themselves with knowledge, facts, and understanding of everything around them . . . they have never stopped asking, searching, and learning. I doubt they ever will.

So many questions

Why is blue
the color of sky?
Do you know the answer?
Do you know why?

Why is grass green
instead of yellow or pink?
Do you have any idea?
What do you think?

Why is night dark,
instead of the day?
You really must tell me,
now what do you say?

There are so many things
I just need to know.
What makes the birds sing?
What makes the trees grow?

Who made the mountains?
Who put cold in the snow?
I wish someone would tell me,
I’d sure like to know.

Do you know the answers?
Will I ever find out?
Can anyone tell me,
what life is about?

What are clouds made of
and why do birds fly?
I’m just so curious,
I wonder why?


These questions were asked
by my inquisitive son,
from the moment he woke
till his day was done.

If I said just a minute
he would ask me why,
If I said I don’t know
he’d say can’t you try?

If I said nobody knows
he’d say can’t you guess?
I tried so very hard,
I tried my very best.

He followed me here
and he followed me there,
now don’t get me wrong,
I wanted to share,

but I needed a break
for my mind was weary,
I just couldn’t take
even one more query.

I looked at my son
and I beckoned him near,
I knelt down and whispered
so soft in his ear,

My sweet little man,
Mommy’s not mad,
but be a good boy
and go ask your DAD!

Crystal R. Cook 1995

5 thoughts on “Can you tell me?

  1. Beautiful!

    Cassius (my autistic son) asks a kazillion questions a day, too. It keeps my brain very busy. 🙂

    Sometimes it makes my brain tired! Lol


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