Parade of Fools


Conformity is not my norm,
I’ve no desire to fit in.
Societal expectations
are not my thing.
I try to understand
the hunger for acceptance
I see so many
willingly sacrificing
themselves upon alters
of false pretenses to obtain,
but the reasons I seek
elude me.
Shall I slit my own wrists
and allow my essence
to drain, pooling into
the festering puddle
of a fictitious existence?
Shall I don a mask
which doesn’t quite fit
to blend in with the faceless
crowds blindly following
an unseen leader?
A reclusive ghost, this non-existent
circus master serves as shepherd
to a lost flock, leading them
to slaughter with delusive promises,
empty platitudes and hollow hopes.
They follow without question,
shedding their individuality
like clothing too tattered to wear.
A fools parade,
I cannot follow.

Crystal R.Cook

11 thoughts on “Parade of Fools

  1. this reminds me of something my husband and I were talking about the other day… He is an aircraft mechanic, and that environment is primarily male and the rules of sexual harassment, political correctness or even basic politeness haven’t quite sunk in yet. As a group, they’re a rough crowd.
    Anyway, he was telling me about this guy who hired in about a year ago. Normal dude, a little on the smaller side, but other than keeping to himself, he didn’t stick out or anything. About 6 months ago – once his probation was over and he was part of the union, which gave him another level of protection against discrimination – the guy started to change. It started slowly, a little make-up, slight changes in mannerisms and how he wore his work uniform. My husband doesn’t know what to say or how to act, because he doesn’t want to be offensive. They aren’t exactly given sensitivity training on this kind of thing. He just kinda keeps his mouth shut and acts like nothing is different. I told him that was probably the best thing he could do.
    The guy is now almost completely a she. The surgery is scheduled, he’s going all the way. My point is… working in that environment is hard on a person who conforms. Can you imagine the strength it must take to be able to be yourself in such an environment, especially when ‘yourself’ isn’t something the cavemen you work with are used to? That level of self confidence and resolution to be who you are, no matter the cost, is awe inspiring to me.


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