Captain’s Log: August 6, 2014

I reblog for your entertainment . . . The keeper of this log/blog is a dear friend of mine. She is an excellent human being, a fantastic writer, and I cannot wait to see what she shares. I feel a wee bit responsible for adding blogging to her unbelievably, hectic enough life, but I hope she finds it as therapeutically necessary as I have.

Write on, Captain. Write on.


Captain’s Log: The one known as Terra is asleep after attacking several crew persons. Again, she has tried to take on Bill and not gotten very far. He appears to like her much more when she is asleep….As do all of us. She has tried to attack number 2. Jonathan knows much better than to engage with the crazy one. Number 1, was able to make her yodel in her attempts to flee his embrace. Laney is nowhere to be found. She will be here soon for lights out. She prefers the tiny little psycho asleep.

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