Argh. My crazy might be showing.

A little OCD

It’s just a touch off center,
the lines aren’t lined up right,
so much is so uneven,
everyday this is my plight.

Too many things are skewed,
unbalanced, wrong and off,
I cannot help but notice,
I cannot make it stop.

Labels are always crooked,
cushions are slightly turned,
stupid slanted bumper stickers
cause unwarranted concern.

Tell me why it’s so damn hard
to replace the toilet paper right,
when someone rips a sheet in half
it keeps me up at night.

It’s positively crazy,
ridiculous and insane,
it’s not a conscious effort,
just something in my brain.

I try to look away,
and think of other stuff.
I tell myself it’s silly,
but it’s like I’m stuck.

I’m not obsessively obsessive,
I just notice little things,
you’d completely understand
if you were slightly OCD.

Crystal R. Cook

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