This door is not for you . . .

Welcome in . . .I am thankful for doors that never opened and for the ones I had to close. Some of those doors were beautiful and I desperately wanted to see what was on the other side. Sometimes, I would catch a glimpse behind them when someone else went through, but I could never follow, they said,

This door is not for you.”

Some of the doors had broken locks and I would tiptoe in, but they were cold and dark inside, I felt lost once I was in. I left the rooms behind those doors and never entered them again.

There were other doors, some plain and uninviting, but a lovely light crept through their cracks and I was drawn to them, and when I asked if I may enter, they opened wide and welcomed me. I worried if I stepped outside I might never get back in. 

Don’t be silly, don’t you see?” said the doors, “Your heart has always been the key.”

8 thoughts on “This door is not for you . . .

  1. I used to lament that as we got older there were fewer doors to walk through…at least compared to out 20s when everything was flung wide. Now I appreciate the streamlined hallway, fewer distractions and more time to spend in each room inside.

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  2. I don’t know about being thankful for doors that never opened – life would look so different if they had, and yet…and yet…

    Still, I seek doors perhaps not intended for me, and trespass past thresholds. I eagerly kick at doors marked ‘patience’ and turn my back on doors which I know will be ever-open to me. I wonder how wrong I’m getting it, but at the same time, all I need to do is look around and see so, SO many heart-doors open to me, and welcoming me in, and that makes it all worthwhile.

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  3. Doors – Some that were not for me I entered and spent time lost, perhaps not in rooms, but hallways or labyrinths perhaps or not lost but wandering and exploring, accepting the invitation that was or was not to my benefit. Some wee locked, but it tried and tried to open them. Some led outside, into the world from refuge or confinement. What a lovely, pregnant metaphor doors can be. Thank you.

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