Serendipitous Prestidigitonium!


In 1774 Horace Walpole coined a wonderful word, one of my favorites, and to best illustrate the intent of this new word, he wrote of a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, these three princes had a habit of “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of.”

Serendipity, a fortunate happenstance, a pleasant, unexpected surprise. I love serendipity.

Serendipitous in an apt description for a relatively recent discovery of my own. I had the fortunate happenstance and I dare say sagacity, to point and click my way to a wonderful little corner of the cyber world called considerings.

The particular link which caught my fancy was titled, I’m not writing about not-writing, but I #AmWriting. Writing about writing, or not writing, but writing, is among my very most favorite things to write about, so I was compelled to see what bloggy bit of written wit was behind the title.

I was pleasantly surprised and definitely delighted as I read, it sounded like something I would have written myself, I loved it and said as much in the comment box. I decided to stalk follow the writer. She stalked followed me back, kismet.

This particular blogger, Miss Lizzi, is witty and real and funny and her writing reflects these things, I admire and appreciate that. She says what she feels as she feels it. I must say, it’s refreshing. You should follow her if you haven’t found her yet. There are so many cut and paste, formulaic and, I’ll just say it, fake, superficial, and all around abysmal writers/people, trying be something they simply aren’t, it’s disheartening. She is most certainly not among them.

By the way – If I blog-stalk you, you are not among them either, I love the blogs I follow . . .

Now, the ultimate purpose of this post is to thank my new-found Lizzi for making my heart smile, not just with her words, but for an unexpected, thoughtful and perfect gift.

For my silly comment she wanted to send me something, I said no, but the idea someone should go out of their way and make such an offer made me feel all tingly inside. As we continued to stalk talk, we came to realize we have more than a love for writing in common, and because she posted about her spiders I told her about mine, I had to then talk about my snake, Archimedes, which naturally ended in a discussion about Disney’s The Sword In the Stone. Natural for us at any rate apparently.

Being the charming weaver of words she is, she continued to urge me to accept the previous gift offer, and so strangely out of character for me, I consented.

imageFast forward to two days ago – I checked my mail and prestidigitonium! A package containing one of my very favorite Disney classics, The Sword In The Stone, was waiting for me. Is it weird that I actually got a little choked up? Well, I did. I felt a little mushy in the heart region.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen to me, yet twice this year I have been blessed to receive a thoughtful gift from a faraway friend I’ve not had the honor and ultimate privilege of standing face to face with, so I guess it does happen to me.

I haven’t the words to express just how it feels to be given the blessing of a friendship, a connection that bridges distance and social norms, whatever those are, and touches your heart.

I don’t quite now how best to say thank you Lizzi . . . are there any movies or books you’ve been longing for? For the moment, my words, my gratitude, and my friendship are yours. Thank you, so very much.

4 thoughts on “Serendipitous Prestidigitonium!

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  2. Hickitus pickitus dickitus dum, prestidigitoriUM! Wow! I love, love, love this post! It’s super-brilliant and I am completely blown away by it – thank you so much! WOW.

    I’m so glad you left a comment and I followed you back home – getting to know you through your writing and our conversations in comments has been an absolute delight.

    There is nothing my heart desires at the moment, except friendship 😀

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