Collection of me – sort of.



A little weird.

I have an extensive collection of graphics and memes, by extensive I mean I’ve been copying, saving, and hoarding them for years. I am a Pinterest addict, I am always collecting these things thinking I will pin them or use them as some witty Facebook reply.

Truth is, I simply have a file full of funny, weird, odd, and why the hell did I save that, kind of stuff. I should delete them all but . . . I . . . can’t. My ridiculous attachment to them is, well, ridiculous.

Mixed in and missing amongst all the nonsense are screen shots of bills I’ve paid online, precious photographs of my family, my daughter’s wedding, you know, actual, real, important things which I shouldn’t have to scroll through a gazillion and seventy-seven unimportant, albeit funny, cute, cool, amazing, blah, blah, blah, things that are ultimately inconsequential and inconvenient.


Please tell me you have a similar addiction. I don’t particularly care if you do in fact have this ย issue or anything resembling it, I just want you to tell me you do so I feel a little less like a loon.

I’m keeping them, of course, because I must or I just wouldn’t be me, but I felt the need to see my silliness in print. Thank you for your participation, or at least momentary, involuntary inclusion in my lunacy.

20 thoughts on “Collection of me – sort of.

  1. I have files within files of stuff…mostly photographs. And I still haven’t figured out how to keep the ones from my phone on my computer. And I should probably back everything up to hard drive in case I lose it, and…oh dear!

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