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Product Promises, Broken iPad & a Blessing


My dear friend Cindie recently had what could have been a terrible, awful, and heartbreaking incident happen with her sons iPad mini, BUT, Walmart did something wonderful, something another company could have easily, and perhaps should have done themselves.

Cindie’s son is an adorable 9-year-old boy who dropped his iPad, breaking it. Now I know some of you might be thinking, why does a 9-year-old have his own iPad? Or something along those lines; the difference between Cindie’s son and an arguably overindulged 9-year-old with an expensive piece of technology is this, he is autistic.

This particular little boy uses his iPad to communicate, it is his voice. Like any responsible parent, Cindie did her best to protect her sons ability to communicate with the world. She purchased a protective case she was led to believe was pretty much indestructible.

Problem is, the case itself does fulfill the indestructible portion of its claims, but not so much the protective part. It fell short in its ability to protect what it was meant to protect, leaving Cindie and her son with an intact case on a broken iPad.

I realize we can’t blame a product for its hype or effectiveness, well, we can, but reality is, things happen and sometimes we just have to suck it up. I understand Cindie’s frustration with the product in question, I also understand that companies do not have to go out of their way to help us out when something goes wrong, but they can. Some do. Especially in circumstances like the one I’m sharing.

Thankfully, a company did step up, it wasn’t the one she’d expected.

The following is the message which prompted me add my own two cents worth of words . . .

PLEASE SHARE! From a note I wrote . . . I never write things, but I feel very strongly about this. 

iPad smashed — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 

The Bad — My 9 year old son dropped and shattered his iPad mini at school. It had a Griffin Survivor case on it. My husband called Griifin and talked to customer service, and to their supervisor and to their supervisor (you get the picture). Well there is nothing they can do for us “But if the case is broken we will replace it.” 

WHAT!!!! The case is not broken. The iPad it was supposed to protect is. http://store.griffintechnology.com/survivor-case-for-ipad-m… 

The Good — Our local Walmart in Coventry, RI, upon hearing that R needed a new voice, has donated one to him! Yay Walmart! http://www.walmart.com/store/2283/

The Ugly —I’m feeling really ugly, mad, and hateful towards Griffin Technologies. Military tested! And it broke! Now I totally support our military, but, yeah, ummm Griffin you dropped the ball. How’s about Autism Tested?

That last bit there is a pretty good idea, I propose ALL products be autism tested as the new standard of durability!

Kudos to Walmart for extending such compassion.

I’d love to hear your suggestions, experiences, and advice in regard to what you feel is the best protective cases on the market, I’m sure Cindie would as well . . .

Crystal R. Cook

Collection of me – sort of.



A little weird.

I have an extensive collection of graphics and memes, by extensive I mean I’ve been copying, saving, and hoarding them for years. I am a Pinterest addict, I am always collecting these things thinking I will pin them or use them as some witty Facebook reply.

Truth is, I simply have a file full of funny, weird, odd, and why the hell did I save that, kind of stuff. I should delete them all but . . . I . . . can’t. My ridiculous attachment to them is, well, ridiculous.

Mixed in and missing amongst all the nonsense are screen shots of bills I’ve paid online, precious photographs of my family, my daughter’s wedding, you know, actual, real, important things which I shouldn’t have to scroll through a gazillion and seventy-seven unimportant, albeit funny, cute, cool, amazing, blah, blah, blah, things that are ultimately inconsequential and inconvenient.


Please tell me you have a similar addiction. I don’t particularly care if you do in fact have this  issue or anything resembling it, I just want you to tell me you do so I feel a little less like a loon.

I’m keeping them, of course, because I must or I just wouldn’t be me, but I felt the need to see my silliness in print. Thank you for your participation, or at least momentary, involuntary inclusion in my lunacy.