Asking myself

I fear I’ve forgotten how to write. I suppose that is a cop-out. I’m afraid I may be actively and purposefully avoiding putting pen to page. Why? I seem unable to come up with a proper answer for that particular question. I was hoping it would answer itself as it was asked, wishing a grand epiphany would knock me off my feet with revelation as to my reluctant sharing of thought.

I am still on my feet.

All I want to do is spill words on a page, pour them out into a puddle the size of an ocean and submerse myself beneath them. Instead they are building up behind a dam which surely must be ready to burst from the weight of them.

Do you ever simply find yourself with so much to say you cannot seem to say it?


5 thoughts on “Asking myself

  1. The only way to get those words out is to put pen to paper as they say. The longer you spend not writing, the easier it gets to put it off for another day or to simply ignore the urge. Free writing never works for me, but photographs often help me get ideas for writing


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