Gorgeous Geek

Today – A blessing.

After school we went to the thrift store. My son, Michael, is always on the lookout for a great suit jacket, a snazzy vest or a playful bow tie, because bow ties are cool of course. We found a handsome jacket and a fine, fitted vest. With the added bonus of 75% off, we were feeling quite accomplished. As we readied to leave, a blessing occurred. A beautiful exchange I am certain will forever be in my heart.

Behind us, a precious woman with the twinkling eyes and loving smile of a young lady in her early seventies I would guess, reached out and touched my arm.

She asked if Michael was my little brother, I liked her immediately. I told her he was my baby and her eyes twinkled even brighter. She looked him in the eye and said, “You are the most gorgeous geek I have ever seen.”

How stinking cute is that?

She continued, “You certainly are young man. You are perfect. The way you dress and act is just perfect.” She touched his hand and said, ”Thank you for existing, thank you for being you.“

The woman behind the counter nodded in agreement and said he was certainly a polite and wonderful young man.

Michael thanked them both, smiling like the gorgeous geek he knows he is, and we turned to leave. The beautiful woman with the twinkling eyes again touched my arm, she said, “Thank you for making him. Thank you for bringing him into this world.”

I am still smiling. I am so proud of him. The world can see him, really see what kind of man he is becoming, he wears who he is with pride and confidence. I look at him and I know without a doubt, I added something of worth to this world.

My children, each of them, are treasures. Each a unique and brilliant light in the darkness. Once upon a time, when they were still my little ones, we would sing, this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine . . .

Oh, how they shine.

Crystal R. Cook


7 thoughts on “Gorgeous Geek

    • He did, but at the same time he realized it said something so very beautiful about the person those precious words came from. She gives new meaning to the words, perfect stranger. She was perfect ☺️


      • he must be very mature to understand it 🙂 yes she does seem perfect.. 🙂 random gift from a perfect stranger.. of kind words, of a laugh, a smile, a helping hand…such simple things but making so much of a difference..


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