Mother’s Day Wishes and Something that could make you tinkle just a little.

Happy Mother's DayMother’s Day ~ I’m sure you’ve seen it, BUT, it’s like potato chips, they say you can’t just eat one, and this is like that except you don’t eat it, you watch it and you can’t just watch it just once, at least I can’t.

I’ve posted it somewhere online every Mother’s Day since I found it and will continue to do so until there is no more internet or the world implodes (or explodes) or I’m kidnapped and without wifi on Mother’s Day or something like that. PLUS, unlike potato chips, it won’t make you fat, laughter burns calories, right?

Last year I posted it under the title Early Mother’s Day – I may have peed a little the first time I watched this – Every now and then, I still get a message from someone chastising me for using the word ‘peed’. Maybe I should have said tinkled instead, so this year, I’m giving it a shot. Fact is, I could have wet myself laughing, in a few more years I likely will.

Umm, so anyway  . . .

I’m just going to say a few words in honor of Mother’s Day and then you can watch it, unless you just want to skip to the end and watch it without reading anything I have to say, (which would totally hurt my feelings).

So – Mother’s Day ~ the one day of the year we take special time out to say thank you to the person who brought us into this world. The woman who nurtured us from a tiny little egg into a living, breathing, screaming, pooping, helpless, demanding creature which required nourishment and protection and teaching from the moment it breathed its first breath, the woman who will continue to do so until the moment she breathes her last.

I know, not all mothers were created equally. Some deserve saint status, some maybe didn’t quite reach those lofty heights of motherhood, and some, well . . . some were really sucky. Some of the ones we honor aren’t the ones that gave us life, but the ones who taught us how to live it. Some where there from the beginning, some came into our lives later. Some share our blood, others share a bond forged with love instead of strands of DNA. Some are still with us, a phone call or a drive away, others live on in our hearts and our memories.

Some of us celebrate this day, some of us are celebrated on this day, (and some of us are celebrating as well as being celebrated.) Soon-to-be-moms, new moms, veteran moms, moms with toddlers, house-apes, preteens, teens and * ahem * adult children. Moms who hold their children, moms who never had the chance, moms who no longer can – All mothers, regardless of how long they’ve stood watch over their children, regardless of where their children are – If there was life within them for even a moment, they are mothers and they deserve to be revered and honored and cherished.

My mother was and still is an amazing mother and I love and honor and cherish and respect and admire and adore her to that proverbial moon and back again more times than there are stars in the sky above. 

I kind of like Mother’s Day, I like the love behind the intention of Mother’s day at least – Mother’s May hasn’t always gone as I’d imagined it would when I had children though. Nope, not quite like I’d imagined. As a matter of fact, years ago I kind of nixed Mother’s day from our family agenda. I mean, not literally, I just decided that I’d rather have my kids wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and then let me go off and have a Happy Mother’s Day. At the bookstore. Without them. This tradition began after my kids were no longer young children, mind you. It wasn’t a decision made lightly either, easily, but not lightly.

See, the kiddos and the hubs always seemed to try so hard to make it a special day for me, they usually ended up stressed out and one or more of us would end the day in a jumble of frazzled nerves and sometimes tears. With four kids, two with special needs, we needed to keep things low-key, so by the time the youngest was old enough to spend a few hours home with the older ones, I found a way for them to give me the special day they longed for me to have. I left the house.

I do miss those hand-made cards with my children’s tiny hand-prints traced on them and the sweet little crayon colored pictures with a smiling sunshine and a rainbow above the heads of our 11 fingered stick figure family standing next to flowers that came to our waistlines, and the wobbly little letters that spelled out ‘I love you mommy’. I wouldn’t mind a few more of those . . .

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing women out there who have been blessed with the title of ‘MOM”.

Now watch this and share it with other moms – all the moms!




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