I mend it with the broken pieces.

When my heart was broken

When my heart was broken

and lay shattered at my feet

I saved the parts I could

though there wasn’t much to keep


I put some pieces in my pocket

in case I needed them someday

the rest I used to build a road

so I could walk away


I built a bridge with what was left

and crossed the river of my tears

it carried me past heartache

kept me safe from all my fears


With every step I took

my heart began to mend

better than it was before

it grew strong enough to bend


Every now and then

when I feel it might just shatter

those pieces in my pocket

remind me of what matters


And when it happens like it does

and I find a little crack

those pieces in my pocket

are the pieces I put back


Crystal R. Cook

11 thoughts on “I mend it with the broken pieces.

    • YES! I am The Doctor! Actually, my son’s nickname is David Tenant to his friends because he looks, and acts so much like 10. I love 10 the mostest, but my Michael is cuter 🙂 And I think hearts get bigger as well when put to good use.

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      • 10 is THE GORGEOUS. I won’t actually watch any that’s not him, now. I saw a pic of your son the other day, with a shirt and (maybe?) a dickie bow. He’s awesome.

        SO cool that you have this link.


        • Yes, one of his more unique ensembles, there are a couple of pictures where he looks so much like 10, they may be in my Facebook photos, have you seen my kiddos yet? I haven’t posted pics in a while. Anyway, still thinking about 10. I am still in mourning from his regeneration.

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