Love poetry challenge ~ 10 lines, 4 words per line with LOVE in each one

Darla over at New World Mom nominated me for a little poetry challenge, which originated on Brickhouse Chicks Blog. You can read Darla’s beautiful response to this fun challenge here

Initially, I thought it sounded like a fairly simple undertaking, but as I sat to write, it proved a bit harder than I’d anticipated! More than a few attempts were quickly tossed aside, especially after I took the time to read some of the other poems that had been written following the same guidelines.

I kept the three I hated the least 🙂

The rules are simple

•Write about love using only 10 lines.

•Use the word love in every line.

•Each line can only be four words long.

•Nominate others who are up for the challenge.

•Let them know about the challenge.

•Title the post: Love in Ten Lines

•Include a quote about love (this can be your own).

•You may write in any language.


Mi amor, mi amor,

baneful love, unsheathed weapon,

mortiferous love, piercing armor.

Love fails, love falls,

battlefield casualty, mi amor.

Your love, or mine,

one love must endure.

Mi amore lives on.

I’m sorry, my love,

mi amore lives on.

“Love is a battlefield” Pat Benetar


Sweetest love – unblemished, innocent,

untainted and virtuous love.

Love bestowed without expectation.

Love requited, without reservation,

without trepidation – pure love.

Intertwining hearts, palpable love.

New love, unparalleled enchantment.

First love, irreplaceable communion.

Such is the love

that teaches us love

“Love is a many splendored thing” William Waterway


You are my love

my true, forever love.

Our love sustains me,

our love contains me.

Your love is precious,

your love is sure.

Your love strengthens me,

your love surrounds me.

My love is yours,

my love is yours . . .

“My heart is, and will always be, yours” Jane Austin – Sense and Sensibility

UPDATE – I forgot the noms! Letsee . . . I nominate, umm . . . Hmm. Letsee, oh! I know! I nominate YOU! All ya’all. Do it, it’s fun 🙂

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