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(Recycled) Mother’s Day Wishes and Something that could make you tinkle just a little.

Happy Mother's DayI’m just going to say a few words in honor of Mother’s Day and then you can watch my all time favorite Mothers’s Day video. I suppose if  you just want to skip to the end and watch it without reading anything, I have to say, you could (which would totally hurt my feelings). I guess you can watch it first and THEN come read my rambling, deal?

slight disclaimer

Most of the words are this page are recycled from my last few years of Mother’s Day posts. I’m injured and on meds, so forgive my lazy ways. There is a chance the pieces I chose might not make sense together . . . I know you’ll get what I’m copying pasting at ya though. 

Happy Mother’s Day to EVERYONE! That’s right. EVERY, single blessed one of you! No matter who you are, a mother has touched your life.

You may be one, we all know you’ve had one, someone gave birth to you! If she wasn’t the one there to teach you how to live that life, there must have been someone there to step in fill that role.

A mother is often considered the one who gave another life, but there’s so much more to it than that. A mother is the one who wiped your tears, read you stories, covered you when you were cold. A mother could be a kind stranger, an aunt, doting grandmother, a family member . . . Anyone with a heart brave enough and strong enough to step into that role is worthy of being a called mother.

Hence ~ Mother’s Day ~ The day of the year we take special time out to say thank you to the person who brought us into this world. The woman who nurtured us from a tiny little egg into a living, breathing, screaming, pooping, helpless, demanding creature which required nourishment and protection and teaching from the moment it breathed its first breath, the woman who will continue to do so until the moment she breathes her last.

I know not all mothers were created equally. Some deserve saint status, some maybe didn’t quite reach those lofty heights of motherhood, and some, well . . . some were really sucky. Some of the ones we honor aren’t the ones that gave us life, but the ones who taught us how to live it. Some where there from the beginning, some came into our lives later. Some share our blood, others share a bond forged with love instead of strands of DNA. Some are still with us, a phone call or a drive away, others live on in our hearts and our memories.

Some of us celebrate this day, some of us are celebrated on this day, (and some of us are celebrating as well as being celebrated.) Soon-to-be-moms, new moms, veteran moms, moms with toddlers, house-apes, preteens, teens and * ahem * adult children. Moms who hold their children, moms who never had the chance, moms who no longer can – All mothers, regardless of how long they’ve stood watch over their children, regardless of where their children are – If there was life within them for even a moment, they are mothers and they deserve to be revered and honored and cherished.

My mother was and still is an amazing mother and I love and honor and cherish and respect and admire and adore her to that proverbial moon and back again more times than there are stars in the sky above. 

I kind of like Mother’s Day, I like the love behind the intention of Mother’s day at least – Mother’s May hasn’t always gone as I’d imagined it would when I had children though. Nope, not quite like I’d imagined. As a matter of fact, years ago I kind of nixed Mother’s day from our family agenda. I mean, not literally, I just decided that I’d rather have my kids wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and then let me go off and have a Happy Mother’s Day. At the bookstore. Without them. This tradition began after my kids were no longer young children, mind you. It wasn’t a decision made lightly either, easily, but not lightly.

See, the kiddos and the hubs always seemed to try so hard to make it a special day for me, they usually ended up stressed out and one or more of us would end the day in a jumble of frazzled nerves and sometimes tears. With four kids, two with special needs, we needed to keep things low-key, so by the time the youngest was old enough to spend a few hours home with the older ones, I found a way for them to give me the special day they longed for me to have. I left the house.

I do miss those hand-made cards with my children’s tiny hand-prints traced on them and the sweet little crayon colored pictures with a smiling sunshine and a rainbow above the heads of our 11 fingered stick figure family standing next to flowers that came to our waistlines, and the wobbly little letters that spelled out ‘I love you mommy’. I wouldn’t mind a few more of those . . .

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing women out there who have been blessed with the title of ‘MOM”.

Now watch this and share it with other moms – all the moms!




HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Don’t sip your coffee or your tea while watching!


~ I hope your day is filled with smiles and hugs and lots of love ~

Since today is Mother’s day, I had to share this again

It just never gets old!

Barats & Bereta

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I have posted this video around Mother’s Day for years, it is one of my absolute favorite videos of all time. I have seen it about 37 gazzilion times, and it never gets old. Happy Mother’s Day!

Stop the presses! A woman said *peed* GASP!


Dear Esteban, may I call you Esteban? You recently left me a bit of a negative comment – Now usually, I just try my best to ignore all the negativity in Cyberland, but I thought perhaps this time I would respond. You seem special to me, deserving of a response. Especially considering you have the honor of being my first, negative commenter, that is.

It’s okay that you didn’t find the video as funny as I did, or the thousands of other people who seemed to find the hilarity of it. Some people have smaller funny bones than others, I do not fault you for having a small funny bone. It’s not the size that matters after all, as long as it makes you smile sometimes . . . I hope it makes you smile sometimes.

Your humor isn’t what I wanted to address here though, it’s your attitude, your view of women and how you think they should or should not speak. First of all, I don’t think there is a woman alive who has not said the word peed. People pee and when they do, they sometimes say things like, “I need to pee.” Pee is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. The word pee or the past tense of pee, peed, is not vulgar or unseemly, it’s actually quite an innocent word.

Most guys on the other hand, would have said something like pissed or came up with something else entirely inappropriate. I think if a guy said he almost peed a little over something funny, his buddies would be a little weirded out. I don’t know though, I’m not a guy, and no – I’m not trying to be one of them. I am a woman, one who isn’t afraid to say peed or anything else she chooses or feels the need to say.

I’d also like you to know that I have four children. Four blessed little miracles of life that I had to squeeze out of my . . . gosh, I just don’t know what to call it without offending you – my va-jay-jay-, vagina, privates, lady parts, coochie, cha-cha, hoo-ha, birth canal . . . whatever – So guess what? I may actually pee a little when I laugh. I don’t, but it could happen. Happens to lots of gals.

You know, I was a little pissed – pardon me – upset, when I first read your comment, but then, it just made me sad. Sad that so many women are stifled and silenced by controlling and judgmental men. I don’t think you’re old fashioned, I think you’re kind of an ass.

Funny thing is, I find a lot of things funny, my funny bone is huge, I respect your opinion, and believe it or not, I think there are many women, and men, out there who could use an injection of class. I completely stand behind your right to say whatever you wish to say because I’m always going to say whatever it is I want to say as well.

“Esteban – Moderately funny … I’m not sure when it became “ok” for women to say they “Peed a little?” Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but it seems crass. Women used to be the fairer sex, but it seems like some women are trying to be one of the guys. You’re not. Stop it. Be a woman .”

– I may have peed a little the first time I watched this –

A Mother’s Day Funny that keeps on giving! Blogging confuses me sometimes.

All for the love of MOM

All for the love of MOM



Over 25,000 visitors in the last 2 days – 2 new followers and a handful of likes . . . Hmmm.

Screenshot of my stats as of this morning . . . I’m sharing this because it’s super cool, YET, kind of a frustrating bit of disappointment too. I posted one of my all-time-favorite-videos I may have peed  little the first time I watched this  as an early Mother’s day share, it’s had, as you can see, tons of views and it’s had tons of Facebook shares – which is awesome – BUT, I hate when there is a BUT – each time someone clicks it, the video plays, laughter ensues, and it gets shared.

Like I said – Awesome. So my funny, favorite video plays, my hits show a spike, and here is the BUT – no one who clicks on it actually lands on my blog. Now, my blog isn’t the biggest and the best, but a few people dig it, so I would like to think at least some of the thousands of people who clicked on the video might have checked it out and maybe liked it too, enough to follow, you know how it goes.


I’ve had no such influx of new readers, just a cool burst in my stats nobody else can see. sigh

No matter though . . . really, the whole point was to make some mommas laugh and wish them a Happy Mother’s day, so for that I am positively giddy! It is serving it’s purpose quite well.

Hugs and Mother’s Day love to all!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day. I may have peed a little the first time I watched this


I hope your day is filled with smiles and hugs and lots of love

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I have posted this video around Mother’s Day for years, it is one of my absolute favorite videos of all time. I have seen it about 37 gazzilion times, and it never gets old. Mother’s Day!