Stop the presses! A woman said *peed* GASP!


Dear Esteban, may I call you Esteban? You recently left me a bit of a negative comment – Now usually, I just try my best to ignore all the negativity in Cyberland, but I thought perhaps this time I would respond. You seem special to me, deserving of a response. Especially considering you have the honor of being my first, negative commenter, that is.

It’s okay that you didn’t find the video as funny as I did, or the thousands of other people who seemed to find the hilarity of it. Some people have smaller funny bones than others, I do not fault you for having a small funny bone. It’s not the size that matters after all, as long as it makes you smile sometimes . . . I hope it makes you smile sometimes.

Your humor isn’t what I wanted to address here though, it’s your attitude, your view of women and how you think they should or should not speak. First of all, I don’t think there is a woman alive who has not said the word peed. People pee and when they do, they sometimes say things like, “I need to pee.” Pee is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. The word pee or the past tense of pee, peed, is not vulgar or unseemly, it’s actually quite an innocent word.

Most guys on the other hand, would have said something like pissed or came up with something else entirely inappropriate. I think if a guy said he almost peed a little over something funny, his buddies would be a little weirded out. I don’t know though, I’m not a guy, and no – I’m not trying to be one of them. I am a woman, one who isn’t afraid to say peed or anything else she chooses or feels the need to say.

I’d also like you to know that I have four children. Four blessed little miracles of life that I had to squeeze out of my . . . gosh, I just don’t know what to call it without offending you – my va-jay-jay-, vagina, privates, lady parts, coochie, cha-cha, hoo-ha, birth canal . . . whatever – So guess what? I may actually pee a little when I laugh. I don’t, but it could happen. Happens to lots of gals.

You know, I was a little pissed – pardon me – upset, when I first read your comment, but then, it just made me sad. Sad that so many women are stifled and silenced by controlling and judgmental men. I don’t think you’re old fashioned, I think you’re kind of an ass.

Funny thing is, I find a lot of things funny, my funny bone is huge, I respect your opinion, and believe it or not, I think there are many women, and men, out there who could use an injection of class. I completely stand behind your right to say whatever you wish to say because I’m always going to say whatever it is I want to say as well.

“Esteban – Moderately funny … I’m not sure when it became “ok” for women to say they “Peed a little?” Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but it seems crass. Women used to be the fairer sex, but it seems like some women are trying to be one of the guys. You’re not. Stop it. Be a woman .”

– I may have peed a little the first time I watched this –

15 thoughts on “Stop the presses! A woman said *peed* GASP!

  1. I also find it sad that women should be expected to remain mute on things like peeing when laughing. As a mother of five, it’s a phenomenon I’m well acquainted with, and it causes me some distress. It also happens when running. I once made the mistake of asking about solutions to this difficulty on a running forum once and was shouted down as a suspect fetishist fishing for pee stories to get off on. It’s uncouth. It’s dirty. It’s unmentionable. Therefore if it happens to you, you must be worthy of scorn, right? To be honest, I found the video only mildly amusing (my boys aren’t that close together in age, so they don’t really have that kind of interaction for me to identify with) so I did NOT in fact pee a little when I watched it. I rejoice, however, in the freedom to say something was so funny I peed a little without it being a badge of shame.

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  2. FWIW. I interviewed a dude recently who is EVEN MORE MANLY than me. One of his answers involved him telling a stor which ended with the line “I might have peed a little.” He was not being ironic. He might have done. I was not weirded out. I laughed my ass off and published it.

    You will get these negative comments that read like telegrams from an earlier century. Don’t be discouraged by them. They mean you’re doing someyhing right.

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  3. I’m pissed. Don’t even know what to say. My mom had four kids. I have a gorgeous wife and four girls. Peed a little just freaking happens. Especially when you pack that much awesomeness into a human being. We, guys, can be such dicks sometimes. Please keep calm and pee on.

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  4. OMG!! (Esteban probably doesn’t approve of “OMG!” either… 😜). I absolutely LOVE your response to his comment about you (a woman!!) using the word “peed” (gosh, I shouldn’t of said that, huh?!??) referring to the HILARIOUS Mothers Day photo shoot….I have to say, pee (oops! I said “pee”!) was DEFINITELY involved in my response when I saw the video!! Pee (damn!! I just keep saying that word, “pee”!!) was a big part of my career as an RN in the Emergency Room for 17 years….along with poop!!! Oh, my, I just KNOW that word, “poop”, would not be approved of….Sorry, Essie!!! (AKA Esteban). 😳

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  5. I’m not sure when it became OK for men to tell woman to behave as the “fairer sex.” Men have absolutely no clue how crude women have always been when we talk with one another. Now, they know. We think and talk about peeing and pooping (pissing and shitting). We talk to each other about SEX. Yes, that’s right. Shocking, but true. In fact, we talk to each other in detail about having sex with men like YOU. Think about that, Esteban.

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  6. OMG How fucking DARE you say pee/peed?! Such nerve! You march your ass over to Esteban’s space and apologize this instant young lady!

    *ahem* Hang on, need to pick myself up off the floor after laughing at my own damn comment.

    Here’s a newsflash señor, it’s HER space and HER rules. Don’t like it? PISS OFF! Uh huh. I went there.

    Man I freaking can’t stand trolls who get all butthurt over simple stuff like this.

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