Sharing a little blog love


I often neglect to stop in and pay a visit to many of the blogs I’ve chosen to follow. It’s an easy thing to do, and one that sometimes makes me feel a little like a thoughtless twit.

When I decided to take the leap and begin this blogging adventure it was rather scary; it isn’t easy to put yourself out there for the world to see. Those who do are brave and deserving of recognition.

I happened upon one of those blogs this morning and I wanted to share a little encouragement in the form of a shout-out to God of Words and Broken Things. If others hadn’t done the same for me, I may not have continued sharing, I would not have met the beautiful people who have come into my life because they took a moment to stop and read a piece of my heart . . .

{{{Hugs}}} writers and readers!

5 thoughts on “Sharing a little blog love

  1. Thank you so very much,these kind words mean so so much to me.I can’t express my happiness and not right now! You’re write very beautifully,kind and honest words.Im so grateful to have you support,you have mine too! Lots of love

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  2. Oh,I can’t express my thanks to you! This truly means so so much to me,I’m sob dry grateful.You write beautifully,and your words are truthful and graceful.Thank you so much for this post,I did gain a lot of followers! I’m so happy I have support,you have mine too 🙂 lots of love

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