Because Maybe I was Meant to be a Frickin Princess


Yesterday I bought a tiara . . . because I could.

When I was a kid I never pretended I was a princess, like ever. I had no royal inclinations when it came to my dreams, I’d have rather been a vampire to honest. I didn’t want to grow up and be a veterinarian or a nurse or an astronaut or any of the other things little girls my age dreamed of becoming, I wanted to be an archaeologist who drove a big rig when I wasn’t busy running a library. Thus far in life the closest I’ve come to being an archaeologist was the time I found fossilized french fries under my daughter’s bed, and my big rig turned out to be a minivan filled with kids. I do have enough books scattered about my home to operate a small library though, except I don’t want anyone touching my books. Mine. 

I really don’t know why I decided to buy myself a tiara. I’m not a girly-girl by a long shot. I don’t have a closet filled with shoes that match all my outfits, come to think of it, I don’t really have outfits. I have a closet full of crap that is too small, too big, or just plain comfy. Some of it even matches. None of the items crammed into drawers or haphazardly hung are fancy or colorful, I have one pink shirt and that’s only because it has a kick-ass skull on it. Vibrant color to me is a new black t-shirt I won’t really love until it’s faded a bit.

11949450_10206002238348582_3654565717378594296_nI’m wearing my tiara right now actually, I think it looks fantastic with my grey tank top and my husband’s old plaid button up I cut the sleeves off of. I feel positively regal. I really wanted to go in search of a scepter or a wand of some sort to match, but my son forbid it. He seems to think there’s a chance I might hit someone with it. He’s probably right.

Last night I put on my tiara and waited for the rest of my offspring to notice, but they didn’t say anything. I was like, “Dudes – I’m wearing a tiara!” and they were like, “And?” They are far too accepting of my weirdness, nothing phases them anymore. I tried to banish them from my kingdom but they wouldn’t leave. They did agree to help me dig a moat around the house, so I guess I won’t push it.

My husband is out of town and doesn’t yet now I’ve elevated my status to princess, he’ll likely be about as impressed as my children were. I’m going to need that scepter . . .

Maybe we should all have a tiara.

25 thoughts on “Because Maybe I was Meant to be a Frickin Princess

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I just love this! You are stinkin’ adorable!!! You ARE royalty!! Heir to a KING… 🙂

    And by the way… I would totally bow down to you and go out with you to buy that scepter, and even a beautiful princess dress to go with it. 🙂 Then we can go out and sip tea and crumpets or whatnot.. better yet? Let’s just get margaritas instead.

    For my 40th, I went out to a special dinner with a few of my besties, and they bought me a tiara! I wore it all night long and took pics with it on.. I felt BEAUTIFUL and truly ROYAL.

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    • Heir to a King – I am blessed beyond measure to be HIS! No bowing for you m’lady, royalty hugs royalty 🙂 I say when the day comes we actually get to meet, we totally play dress up an go get that margarita! You have fantastic friends 🙂


  2. Your royal highness. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to comment on your appearance but you look fantastic in your tiara. Get that wand. If you poke someone’s eye out let that be a lesson to them. Have cake today.

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  3. Two of my best GFs came for breakfast once and I left them at the table with my daughter to change my sons diaper. I came back down and they were all wearing tiaras and sipping tea with pinkies up. But there was no tiara for me. So I had to wear a cat in the hat hat. I need a tiara. Good on you for realizing you did too.

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  4. Your majesty, you look utterly, utterly beautiful, and I’m SO GLAD you have a tiara.

    I used to dress up with ALL THE JEWELLERY I could – wreathes of plastic beads and bracelets looped around me – the glitterier the better. Not much has changed, really.

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  5. When I found my wedding tiara (not packed where I would have, just haphazardly thrown in with some stuff) I wore it through the rest of unpacking. Made all the broken stuff and strange way things were grouped together more bearable, because I am queen!

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  6. I always DID want to be a princess… I like bright colors and sparkly things (but Queens had way to much responsibility to deal with, princesses just got to play). But I still don’t have a tiara… perhaps I should remedy that.
    Enjoy the sparklies 🙂

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