Hi there, hello, how are you?

I still exist . . . so there’s that. I should write something, a lot of somethings actually.

I’ve been writing. Sort of.

It would be slightly more accurate to say I’ve been waltzing with words to silent melodies in my meandering mind at the very least, but that’s something, right?

I’ve done stuff too. Like, real life, living type of stuff. I went on vacation, 20 days worth of it. I read a book about tidying up and immediately went on an insane purge of all things useless and/or unused in my home, and then set about dusting and organizing what was left. I cannot at the moment describe the freedom I feel without the colossal clutter surrounding me. I didn’t realize how much of it there really was, I’ve been saving hoarding unneeded and unnecessary things, tucking them away amongst the things that really were worth saving, effectively rendering items I valued as useless and forgotten amidst the madness of all the other things.

I had a ninja hoard. Ninja because it was quiet, unseen, and unassuming. It was neatly piled and stacked and boxed. My house looked tidy enough, but if I really looked, or needed to find something, it became obvious. I’ll address the depth of it, both literally and figuratively later, because I have to, but for now, I just wanted to say hello, establish my existence, and remind myself that I do indeed remember how to create a blog post.


What did I do during my vacation?

I put my mother and my boys in superhero jackets at the local Walmart

and had a photo shoot . . . among other things.

5 thoughts on “Hi there, hello, how are you?

  1. I’ve missed you. Your words are a gift. And I can’t wait to read more of them… ❤ And btw- I'm glad you have been able to purge and cleanse and refuel and restore in many ways. I love that you had a wonderfully long vacation with people you love. That picture is AWESOME.

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  2. I loved your vacation because it meant I GOT TO MEET YOU! And that was SO awesome. It was so fab to see you in Real. I kinda hope some day we get more time. And that you get that & tat. And hey, the photoshoot rocks 🙂

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