It’s not an emotion, it’s a choice.


Anger. It’s nothing more than a byproduct of actual emotion, usually an emotion having not much to do with whatever your ire is focused on at any given time.

Anger is a choice. Regardless of what happens to trigger it, it is indeed a choice. How we react to a situation is always a choice. I’m not saying anger is all bad, sometimes it might even be the only choice we can make, but if we’re honest with ourselves  – it usually isn’t.

As soon as we give in to it, we relinquish control. We take our power to choose, our power, and we practically gift wrap it for whoever or whatever got our panties in such a bunch. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like keeping that kind of power for myself.

That being said, I’m human. You’re human. We get pissy. We have frustrations, fears, anxieties, and all sorts of emotions that build up within us, and too often, we either don’t know how to deal with them or we try to ignore them; before we know it, BOOM – they escape, disguised as anger.

I hate when that happens. The trick is to try dealing with our true emotions, before they become something we don’t want them to be. Like I said, we’re human and when we do lose it, we have to make a concentrated effort to take control before that anger strips us of choice.

Never give your POWER away. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by anger . . .

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