Six Sentence Stories – Cold Case Files

This prompt, SUSPECT, is an old one, linky closed – but I couldn’t resist writing six sentences with it . . . 
img_0784There was plenty of evidence, all of it circumstantial though, we needed proof, what we really needed was a confession.

We corralled the suspects, four of them in total, and brought them one by one into the make-shift interrogation room; without the proper equipment, we were forced to handle things old school, no fancy forensics was going to blow the lid off that case for us.

They each pointed the finger at the others, feigned innocence and tears to gain our sympathies, it was hard not to believe their stories.

Looking into their eyes it was almost impossible to think any of them had done it, but facts don’t lie, it had to have been one of them and the guilty party couldn’t be allowed to get away with what was beginning to look like a perfect crime, regardless of how much evidence we had.

We held them as long as we could, any longer would have been tiptoeing across the line of false imprisonment and we were getting nowhere, it wasn’t the first time they’d been suspects in a case like this, and we knew it wouldn’t be the last; these four were good, so good our cold case files were bulging at the seams.

We never did solve the case, the statute of limitations closed that one before we could nail it shut, it’s been years now and not one of them has ever fessed up, we’ll never know who broke that window, I guess it was a perfect crime . . .

True story

The suspects :

1. Male, 12 years old
2. Male, 10 years old
3. Female, 9 years old
4. Male, 4 years old


Broken window in shared room of 10 and 4 year old boys
Glass shards in hallway closest to 12 year old’s room
Ball hidden under bed in 9 year old girl’s room
Small cut on girl’s finger, possibly from glass – unknown

Witnesses : There were no witnesses aside from the suspects themselves

Case : Unsolved


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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories – Cold Case Files

  1. Another true story of the same technique: In the 1980s in Santa Cruz, CA, there was a murder trial with two defendants and no witness other than those two. At trial, each confessed to being the accomplice of the other, saying, “I helped, but he pulled the trigger.” The jury could not decide which one was telling the truth beyond a reasonable doubt. They were both acquitted.


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